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[서바이벌 3쿠션] Kim, Young-seon

2018 Copper Repeat 3 Masters Challenge Masters & # 39; Joe Jae Ho (left), Kim Seung-hee (right) and Sueen Yeon (right)2018 Copper Repeat 3 Masters Challenge Masters & # 39; Joe Jae Ho (left), Kim Seung-hee (right) and Sueen Yeon (right)

[엠스플 뉴스]

Joe Jae-ho, Kim Jung-hyun and Sue Yoon went straight to the final of the Masters Challenge 3-Cushion Challenge in 2018 at Guri City Guri.

In group D, including Kim Jae-seong, Suyeon Doom, Same Seameom and Taipun Tas Dermeir, Kim managed to climb to the top of No. 3 with 12 points in the second half of the game. . He scored six goals in the final stages of the action year and was knit with Kim Jung –

In team E, Cho Jae-ho took the game with Dick Jaspers, Murat Nash Chloe Clue and Jung Seung-il and went straight into the final. Jung Seung-il, who played a wild card, had 9 points in the last three games and indicated his intention to play in the second half but failed to cover his attempt from 6 to 8 innings. The second place in Group E is occupied by Murunashi Town Clue.

In F game, World Ranking Fredrik Kudron, Choi Sung Won, Tobyeom Brommal and wild card Lee Hongki played a game.

Since the beginning of the game, F's game, called Zyou Zyou, has been strong since the beginning of the game.

The first runner, Tobe Yom Bromdall, scored four runs and the second runner, Lee Hong Gi, scored eight goals and Ji Sérán Fredrik Kudron scored eight goals. Choi Sung Won, who was the last runner, scored three goals and the game followed a trigger.

In the fourth round, Tobeyom Brommal scored 16 points, Fredrick Kudron scored 12 points, Lee Hongki scored 11 points and Choi Sungwon scored 6 goals.

However, Sungwon Choi scored seven points in five appearances and was in a full battle and Lee Hong-ki, who feared the first time, showed a little behind as he made three consecutive 4th innings.

In the second half of the game, the three players except Lee Hong-ki were fighting hard in the ranking and it was difficult to judge the ranking even at the end of the game.

In the end, Tobeyom Bromdal won the top spot with 72 points, while Fredrik Kudron and Choi Sungwon tied the score with 68 points.

Choi scored three goals for Frederick Kudron and Fredrik Kudron went straight for the right hand.

Huh Jung-han, Gangdong Palace, Choi Seong-won, Jung Seung-il and Lee Hong-gi again played the right to finish the 9th. Jo Jae-ho, Kim Jung-il and Suyeon have entered the main line.

Meanwhile, Daniel Sanchez, who won the last tournament, and Marco Zanetti and Choi Sungwon finished, did not make the first round.

Eddie Mux, who scored 46 points (an average of 2,555) in 18 appearances, was the first player in the qualifying round.

The lost Survival 3 pillow starts at 12:00 on the 9th and can watch live on the website of MBC Sports +, Naver TV and KOSMOR in Korea.

<2018 구리 서바이벌 3쿠션 챌린지 마스터즈 패자전 대진 및 시간>

12:00: Choi Sung won, Daniel Sanchez, Dick Jaspers, Nguyen Nguyen United Nations

14:00: Jung Seung-il, Eddie Lefens, Huh Jung-han, Taipun Tasdemir

16 o'clock: Sameh Sadom, Marco Janetti, Lee Hongki, Kangdong Palace

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