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[김광일의 입] Sookmyung high school twins, what is the score? –

Introduction 2018.11.08 19:00

Seoul Sookmyung High School, Dean of the Examiner Department Suspicion of leakage is still alive.
The head of the case file was arrested.
The prosecution does not say that police's logic is not bad.

Does he really steal the examination and give it to his daughter?
"My father is the head of the affairs office, my father was able to give my daughters a test paper, my father did not do it twice,
The police have seen it.

The twin sister is the only student who wrote the wrong answer to the answer sheet. The correct answer is 15 to 11, which means that the chemist wrote his answer to the wrong answer, 10 to 11.
When the incident broke, the father replaced the computer at home.
The police say they have 18 cases of indirect evidence.

But my father and daughters are denying the crime.
There is no direct evidence such as the photocopy. Children have applied for withdrawal.

When I saw the case, I was very confused about lifting a child.
First, as the father and the daughter insist, if they are innocent, our society is now chasing a great witch that will never be forgiven.

But if the police investigation is right, I want to control the man now. The "daughter of a daughter with a daughter" can make a mistake right away. Jangsangjang can steal bread for his nephews.

If the police claim is correct, what should be the case of the mid-term review and the destruction of the people?

My dad is fifty years old and my daughters are seventeen. My father has to live as long as he lives and his daughters are good. It is not due to mistakes, but by destroying them in the end, humanity is destroyed.
Whether it is a witch hunt, for destroying humanity, it is mixed.

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