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The “Summer Sale” started at the Epic Games Store. Offers from blockbusters like “Kingdom Hearts” in indie games AUTOMATON

The summer sale started at the Epic Games Store. The period is until 23:59 on the 5th of August. About 90 titles are for sale, and in this article, I would like to pick up some notable projects.

First of all, from the title of which the computer version is sold exclusively in the Epic Games Store. The latest popular stealth action series “HITMAN 3” has a 50% discount at 3090 yen, the slasher action RPG “Godfall” is a 34% discount at 5662 yen and “Tony Hawk Pro” is a remake of two game frames. The + 2 is a 25% discount at 3675 yen and the medieval slasher game with 64 players Chivalry 2 is a 10% discount at 3762 yen.

Also, 4 works from the “Kingdom Hearts” series are distributed exclusively in the Epic Games Store. Both have 20% discount, “Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix” is 5894 yen, “Kingdom Hearts HD2.8 Final Chapter Prologue” is 5894 yen, “Kingdom Hearts III + Re Mind” is 7744 yen, “Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory is 3740 yen.

In addition, the defense game of the castle destruction tower of the castle “CastleStorm 2” has a 60% discount at 832 yen, the adventure of the puzzle “The Last Campfire” traveling in search of your homeland is 50% discount at 790 yen and the one-way puzzle the battle game “Grindstone” 25% discount at 1560 yen, adventure on an island where half worms and creatures with half a snack live, “Bugsnax” is 20% discount at 2064 yen and the action RPG “Mortal Shell” that fights borrowing Warrior ruins are 15% off Exclusive titles from relatively small indie studios, such as 2618 yen, are also for sale.

In addition, “Assassin Creed Valhara” (33% discount, 6190 yen), “Watch Dogs Legion” (60% discount, 3696 yen), “Division 2” (70% discount, 1188 yen), “Ghost Recon Breakpoint” (The Ubisoft titles like “75% off 2310 yen” and “Immortals Finix Rising” (55% off 3267 yen) are also not for sale on Steam.

Next, let’s look at the great titles with a discount rate of 70% or more. The “Dangerous Driving” racing game from the developer of the “Burnout” series has an 80% discount at 616 yen, the JRPG style RPG “Battle Chasers: Nightwar” a 75% discount at 745 yen and the deck construction & tactical RPG ” Spelldrifter “75% discount at 520 yen, hack and slash action” Darksiders III “is 75% discount at 1572 yen and vampire action RPG” Vampyr “also 75% discount at 1220 yen.

In addition, Bethesda “RAGE 2” open global action 70% discount at 2585 yen, “Donut County” puzzle that swallows everything in the city using holes is 70% discount at 396 yen and RPG “Outward” fantastic survival action is 70% at 1230 yen and the FPS “Tower of Guns” that goes up randomly creates a 70% discount at 414 yen.

Other than that, “Octopath Traveler” (50% off, 3740 yen), “Dragon Quest XI in search of time passing S” (35% off, 3560 yen), “Days Gone” (20% off, 3920 yen) , “Timelie” (50% off, 920 yen), “Loop Hero” (34% off, 1003 yen), “Disco Elysium – The Final Cut” (40% off, 2460 yen) and other popular works are also available for sale Has been.

The summer sale of the Epic Games Store is open until 23:59 on August 5 (store page). If you are a PC player, be sure to check it out.

Epic Games Store currently distributes free multiplayer FPS “Verdun” kits in World War I and the tower defense game “Defense Grid: The Awakening”. The period is until 23:59 on July 29. If you sign in to your account or create a new one to get it, you can keep it and play it even after the season is over. Let’s take this opportunity.

In addition, free distribution is scheduled for July 30 next week for the FPS “Mothergunship” dam by the “Tower of Guns” developer mentioned in this article and the “Train Sim World 2” railroad simulation game.

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