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Sebastian Vettel, the actions in the weigh inspection is only fine and reprimands 【】

F1 Sebastian Vettel Brazil GP

Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel received a fine of 25,000 euros (about 3.22 million yen) against the Brazil GP GP1 event and a rebuke, but he was disqualified from the network's rebate and downgrading.

Sebastian Vettel was called for unannounced weights testing at the Q2 of the Brazilian Formula 1 Grand Prix but was told by the manager that he did not meet the instructions of the FIA ​​staff.

Sebastian Vettel, who wanted to return to his pit as much as possible and wanted to replace it with a new tire, hit the cone and passed the self-propelled weighing platform without cutting the engine to a state where you do not know when it will rain. Not only did it "make it difficult to produce stable results," but also received a call from the manager after the session as "weighing the weighing platform".

After the qualifying session, Sebastian Vettel said he was "unfair" he called it "weighs" when he was trying to get back on track as soon as possible in anxious terms, but if he did not do it well, he could be excluded from qualifying. .

Steward announced a prize at 16:45 local time at Intel Lagos. I was fined by Sebastian Vettel a fine of 255,000 euros and a reprimand. It will be the first time of the season to pay attention to Vettel.

Sebastian Vettel was the second in pole position, Lewis Hamilton, 0.093 seconds back, but he escapes the grid, ensuring a first start.

The FIA ​​director stated that Sebastian Vettel had stopped the engine outside the FIA ​​garage and said he had moved to the weighing platform so that he could count the weight and did not commit a violation to stop at the weighing platform equivalent to the qualifying exclusion I cry.

"Employees are instructing drivers on the weighing platform to carry out the weighing process in a smooth and safe way, so there is no chance of weighing platform failure," a manager said in a statement.

"The manager noticed that he did not stop the engine when the driver was instructed by the clerk and hit the run that was set to run on the weighing platform and prevent it from driving."

"At that time, he showed the mark from the official stand in front of the car," Put the brake on. "There was nothing to bother officially, but I ran into the weighing platform, then stopped the engine."

"After taking the measurements, he did not expect the employee to pull the car out of the weighing platform, although Steward admits he may have misunderstood the instructions from the official," We started again and left the weighing platform and started because it could cause damage to the weighing platform, so this time it did. "

"No one has been injured by the weighing platform being thrown from the rear of the car and the manager accepts that the driver has not fallen below the weighing platform in a reckless manner but damages the weighing platform Procedures have been in place to avoid the possibility of occurrence or dangerous situations, and this happened this time. "

"The manager decided to impose a non-driving warning and a fine of 25,000 euros as the driver failed to follow the instructions of the staff responsible for the safety and smooth running of the event"

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