Draw in the Paris SG dream trio “Messi unites and weakens” Owen criticizes -Nikkan Sports


  1. “Messi fits in poorly” in Paris SG dream trio Mr Owen criticizesNikkan Sports
  2. Paris Saint-Germain realizes the top three dreams, the accident resonates with the Belgian champion and a 1-1 draw (Gexaka) -Yes!Yahoo! News
  3. Messi is also dysfunctional … Why didn’t the strongest 3 tops of PSG work? Is the time set?…Soccer channel
  4. PSG, football start drawSenba Keizai Shimbun
  5. PSG’s first debut with the 3 strongest peaks of “MNM” is also a painful draw in Bruges … “CL” (super WORLD soccer!) -Yahoo! NewsYahoo! News
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