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AR correspondence technology that the actual space is spreading by holding a smartphone. The sale of the "Solar System Mini Set", a tiny solar system that is also beautiful as an indoor space in the EC (June 20, 2019) |


9 models of Mercury, Aphrodite, Earth, Mars, Zeus, Saturn, Uranus, Poseidon, Pluto are included in a set

Gloture Co., Ltd. (Main Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Director's Delegate: CHEN JUNNY) will launch the sale of the Mini Set Solar System, a tiny, AR-compliant solar system model.

Because you are not trying to reproduce the wonderful solar system that's actually in your room.
The tiny solar system is shown by AstroReality, which is very popular for products like the NASA AR Notebook and the NASA Space Mug. The side by side looks like a beautiful gem.
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Not only as an object, it supports Augmented Reality (AR, Augmented Reality) technology. When you hold the smartphone with the special application, the star moves in space.
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The Mini Solar System Sets will bring many, from young children to adults with intellectual curiosity, into space and spend time dreaming of the stars a long way.

The overwhelming AR technology responds to the desire to be surprised
In all solar systems, all eight planets in the solar system (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune) and all the planets that were considered planets but redefined as quasi-planets. In nine stars.
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Each star can also see the solar system at a corner centered on this star. This experience with AR technology brings a new sense of learning and education.
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Get detailed information about each star!
Knowledge about the universe is getting worse. The Mini Solar System Kit uses information directly from NASA so you can easily get the latest knowledge from around the world.
You can get information about the outline, size, distance, trajectory, rotation, configuration, surface, atmosphere, life chance, satellites, rings, magnetosphere, etc.
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The reliability and amount of information is sufficient to meet the needs of astronomy experts.
※ Content will be in English

Microscopes in fine form
Each star is carefully designed and constructed with great care. You can add the color of a beautiful solar system to any room.
The combination of three-dimensional high-definition printers and high-quality craftsmanship produces ultra-high quality designs. As part of the interior, you will always be pleased.
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The desire to "know" never ceases from children to adults. This small solar system can make your cravings dramatic.
Think in a mysterious and enchanting universe with the Mini Solar System Sets.
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We also sell other AstroReality brand products!

NASA's 60th anniversary notebook PC program
The solar system exits the laptop and the history of space development can be learned. It is a notebook with the beautiful engagement that depicted the outer wall of the spacecraft.

NASA's 60th Anniversary Model Mug
The mug looks like a space as seen from the spacecraft window when you look at the mug. It is a new mug made possible by AR technology.

AR model Earth world
High-quality ball with a high-precision 3D printer and hand-painted craftsmen. Supports AR technology and draws realistic weather information, etc. on the surface of the planet.

EARTH AR Notebook
A high quality portable computer with embossed ground in the binding. This also supports AR technology and you can learn about the Earth from different angles.

About Gloture
Gloture Co., Ltd. focuses on changing work patterns in recent years with a focus on the IT industry and various products to improve work performance and achieve a virtuous work-life balance, ideal in areas such as office and relaxation We have a stock

Sales in the EC
This product "Mini Solar System" is sold at EC site "GLOTURE.JP" by Gloture Co., Ltd. Buy from the following URL.

スマホをかざすとリアルな宇宙が広がるAR対応。宝石のようなミニチュア太陽系 Solar System Mini Set

Sale price ¥ 21,400 (excl. Tax)

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