Tuesday , October 19 2021

Volume treated by hypnosis / Catanzaro, heavy class for a doctor who denies everything


A Catanzaro woman blames the doctor who would have told her to give up her treatments "Heal" a volume with hypnosis. Three years have passed since the appearance of a chest piece until the diagnosis of a cancer with bone metastases. Probably for this 45-year-old Calabrese, the path would have been much easier if he had not met the wrong doctor. The patient mentioned a doctor who would take her to decide to give up traditional medicine to devote herself to psychotherapy and hypnosis. Medicines and chemotherapy have therefore been replaced by relaxation sessions and work on will. The shocking complaint was filed with the Catanzaro Procuratorate, which announced that the woman, with the help of lawyer Pino Pitaro, would be in a really tragic situation in the hospital. In the statement you read heavy words like "manipulation" and "scam" to try to make the woman figure out how you could save only by taking care a little "out of the rules.

Hypnosis-treated tumor: a 14-year history

The story of the lady is treated by a tumor with hypnosis began in the summer of 2004 when he began to look at a new type of medicine. At that time, the lady, then a young lady, would be deceived by a doctor without stairs and with his erroneous beliefs. But three years ago, the decisive moment, the one that changes your life, comes. A bite on her breast leads her to go to the specialist who advises the alternative medicine Hamer, which shows a new and in fact very dangerous way. However, a persistent neck pain calls on the woman to make more thorough checks in 2017, which will make her discover the transformation of the nodule into very aggressive metastatic bone cancer. In the complaint to the doctor, who now denies everything, there would also be a statement stating that the patient had been forced to sign a statement capable of relieving the specialist.

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