Thursday , February 25 2021

UniCredit does not comment on press affairs for Italy and foreign asset segregation

UniCredit does not comment on rumors about the separation of Italian and foreign assets in order to overcome the risk of Italy.

Today, Il Sole 24 Ore writes that "for a few weeks, a blocked plan was released, perhaps from a business bank, examined by UniCredit's senior management." And the case is the separation between Italian and foreign activities by setting up a center in Germany.

UniCredit's transformation plan for 2019, launched by Jean Pierre Mustier a few months after taking office from the bank in December 2016, is based on the One Bank One UniCredit approach, which is repeated over the next few years.

In the last quarter of November, the bank said that all companies in the group should be self-financing with the gradual reduction of inter-company exposures to a minimum.

(Gianluca Semeraro)

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