Two Ukrainians reported the attempted robbery


The two men in the video were identified and reported by the police while on an evening of Halloween an immigrant was attacked on a Roma-Lido train. According to the learned two 23-year-old Ukrainian and reported attempts for robbery.

READ OUT Let the insults and the woman in the hospital

As the Acilia station carabines reconstructed, the attack was attempted to steal the 28-year-old indian citizen's suitcase. Another transporter was injured, a 58-year-old Ukrainian who intervened to prevent them. The two men are followed by Acilia's carabinieri in co-operation with colleagues working with the Ostia radio unit. The two wounded passengers in the hospital were medicated and recovered within a few days.
The video of the attack, which took place on board the Roma Lido Convoys at 21 o'clock, regained social media. The pictures continue to speak in Slavic, approach an immigrant, and after shouting something he attacks. After the attack, the victim woman becomes a deadly victim to defend the victim.



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