Saturday , June 12 2021

TIM and Vodafone unleash the power of the iconic Iliad: they offer 5 euros

TIM offers VodafoneTIM and Vodafone they have to throw a bitter bite after discovering that the Iliad is preparing to activate its antennas in 4G Plus technology. The two operators are going to lose their edge. To date, in fact, they have boasted a network without limits and with the largest national coverage. Now that the French manager has decided to keep his promises, the game becomes tough. And, as we know in these cases, the harsh begin to play.

TIM and Vodafone: it's bad

By removing the fact that the Iliad will no longer have a network of permanent malfunctions and dancers, there is only one thing we have to do about TIM and Vodafone: increase GIGA and reduce costs. There is no other way to deal with an operator's offers that have welcomed customers from all sides. Those enrolled on Iliad's invoice from 4.99 euros to 30 GIGA will have a nice surprise when the infrastructure installation work is completed.

Both TIM and Vodafone have sting their ears and in an effort to cope with their opponent new convenient deals at both sides.

Kenya offers

Kena is the virtual TIM that is recently famous for offering 4G to its customers. A move that gave him a large number of new users. The proposals are attractive and do not exceed 5 euros. Before moving on to the 100GB privileges, let's move and learn.

  • Kena Star 5 to 5 euro per month: unlimited minutes and 50 GB to 4G for Iliad and MVNO customers. Activation costs € 4.99 and SIM € 5.
  • Kena Star 5 Plus to 8.99 euro: its new version Star 5 Standard with unlimited minutes and 50 GIGA in 4G adds with 100 SMS to be used in Europe along with minutes. Activation fee € 9.99 with free SIM card.

The only flaw is the download limit of 30 Mbps and the downloading rate of 5.76 Mbps that applies to both.

Offers I have. mobile

Ho. the mobile is, instead, the first-born virtual of Vodafone Italia and was born with the exact purpose of keeping users going to the Iliad. Compared to Kena it offers faster 4G upload, for 30 Mbps remaining as it is and also downloaded.

Comes with me unlimited minutes and SMS and 50 GB of data which can be used directly on the phone or on smart TVs, tablets, laptops and other devices that can be connected to the WiFi network. There is no hidden cost and the 50 GB included we can use 3 GB for navigation in Europe. On the other hand, voice and SMS have no EU usage limits.

Activation costs € 9.90 with € 9 for participation and € 0.99 for SIM that can be collected at any authorized point of sale or stand. The renewal, however, is 9.99 euros.

Will these proposals be enough to compare the unlimited set at the maximum speed of the new Iliad network? Ho. the mobile is not approaching, while Kena outperforms it Star 5 which also does not have text messages and fast traffic. Tell us what you think.

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