Saturday , June 19 2021

the testimony of Loredana Lecciso at Barbara D'Urso

Al Bano

"There was a misconception." Loredana Lecciso so closes the "yellow" in its absence Al Bano in his last episode Sunday Live. So much anticipated in the broadcast, the singer, in fact, did not appear, nor did he send messages, just let him know he had a disease. "The disease was there," confirms Loredana Lecciso but then returns quickly. But silence raised concern.

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"On Sunday, I was in my country home by a friend who did not receive the phone, I also feel guilty because I know you tried me – he says Loredana Lecciso – In fifty years of profession it has never happened to fail a commitment. The doctors were too meticulous. "
Barbara Da Urso However, he underlines that Al Bano could and should have sent news. In the afternoon, in fact, he took the plane to go home: "If you have the power to get an airplane to go to Cellino, you can text and warn, I was really scared."

Loredana Lecciso tries to defend him: "You know he probably did not see the alive without knowing you're worried, maybe he did not ring because he did not want to bother you."
The presenter underlines: "If you do not come, for education, for carineria, with warnings, I warn my audience. He was communicating to us the next day, but I did not know anything about that Sunday,
Now the singer is in China for a series of concerts. Barbara Urso renews the invitation after returning. Last Updated: 17:06 © REPLAY BOOKING

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