Saturday , July 24 2021

"The constitutional reform of occupation"

"Let's not call it reform, this is the occupation of the Olympic Committee. They want us to turn ourselves into a travel agent." He does not use the word Giovanni Malag. The CONI president is transforming his speech at the opening of the extraordinary National Council convened to discuss the government's draft law, for a reason that is both defense and offensive. "CONI is undoubtedly the most famous Olympic Committee in the world today, with government reform undoubtedly becoming the last". Malag swears that he does not want to make a controversy and wants to be "constructive" but sinks the shots: "The government has a wrong and deeply unfair idea – he says. This does not respect the great story of Coni. Even under fascism we did not go so far. "

Analytically, "this is not a reform of sport, do not be fooled – tells the chairmen of the federations, affiliated industries and promoters – just an exact political will to convert the cones – a very large intervention that grows in tone and content "Malag complains about the applause, but also of persistent cheers when he says:" I do not exclude the title of the championship, the Italian flag, our respectable story of political will. "He swears that he does not want to make wars, but "I can not accept all of this." In particular – he wonders – "why a new 100% owned company in the state must naturally contribute?" If you just want to disconnect a check, I do not understand If you want to set the criteria, is unacceptable to me ".

What is the point of falling? "I do not know, we are willing to negotiate until the end, we will continue to meet. There is also a problem of time, in a few days we have to go to Tokyo to present the candidacy of Milan-Cortina, which we also fly to sea." And then, the Battle for the Asian Games of 2020 has come alive. "We have already acquired Olympic cards, how can we change the criteria in progress?". Concepts introduced into a document that gets all the support of the National Council. "A monstrous, resolute problem – Malag closes – My resignation I do not leave the ship". And already thunderous applause.

Alessandro Catapano

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