Sunday , March 7 2021

Tesla is looking for battery suppliers

Panasonic is not enough: Tesla is looking for new suppliers of electric cars for electric cars to produce in China's gigafactory.

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To build half a million of electric cars time in Tesla's new China Gigafactory will need new battery suppliersPanasonic is not in a position to guarantee a commission for such large volumes. Also because it has other customers like Toyota. Therefore, Tesla is seeking local Chinese suppliers with whom to set medium-term contracts for the procurement of EV batteries.

The Nikkei Asian Review reports that early in the month with the usual tweet, Elon Musk wrote on Twitter that the procurement of cells for the Gigafactory in Shanghai "will be purchased locally, probably by different companies"Therefore, Panasonic will no longer be the only Tesla battery supplier.

Panasonic's President and Chief Executive Officer Tufa Fuzzy announced in recent days that the company "will reach 35 GWh from the financial year 2018"Tesla's Panasonic batteries are produced at US facilities operating with the same Tesla, but these factories will reach their full production capacity.

Thus, Panasonic should "consider additional investment in North America"To continue working with the electric car manufacturer.

But the sedan Model 3 of Tesla eventually begins on the road of mass production e start selling well and as a result, Tesla is hurrying to find new partners. A hurry that, to be honest, has other current (and future) electric car producers.

"There is no way a single company can cover all the huge demand for car batteries"said Yoshio Ito, responsible for Panasonic's automotive and industrial systems, in response to Musk's tweet."We will discuss the issue with Tesla, but we offer several options".

Panasonic also produces batteries for hybrid cars, but the Tesla deal can not escape because the batteries sold in Musk have significantly higher profitability.

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