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Rome, Raggi trial, the mayor was acquitted of the falsification class: "The crisis is sweeping the two years of mud"


Assemblea Mayor Raggi: "The fact is, but not a crime" under Article 530 (1) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, so said Judge Roberto Ranazzi in reading the sentence arrived after less than an hour of the boardroom. The prosecutor had demanded a 10-month sentence for forgery.

At reading the phrase, she moved visibly, embraced the three lawyers, kissed her husband and hit her hands with Ms. Dall Olio and the same judge. And he says: "This phrase wipes two years of mud, we head up high for my beloved city and my beloved citizens."

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Two years between complaints, investigations and trial coincided with the first half of the first M5 office, on which he relied on the long-standing bureaucrats' credentials, such as Raffaele Marra, to head himself to the Capitol Room Hall. This former believer, from whom the whole story began and from which he excluded himself.

The request made by the Rome Public Prosecutor's Office was a conviction, ten months without mitigating circumstances: because the rays supported public prosecution,



Process rays. The grill: "It will be rid of". But the mayor already counts the believers

he would have spared the appointment of Renato Marra, then a right-wing Raffaele's brother, in the direction of the City of Rome Tourism Department. Appointment which also entails a reasonable increase in salary.

"In our view, it is undeniable that this is a false ideological public act," Dall Olio announced yesterday in his indictment. The judge also described the image of Raffaele Marra, then head of Campidoglio's staff, who had played a role in appointing Brother Renato as head of the tourism office. "In this reality, Mara puts her hand, or rather the big hand." The fake that the mayor would commit was included in a remark by the repressed Mr. K. Kapolis, in which he assumed the full paternity of this appointment, ruling out any role of his friend's chief.

According to the Prosecutor's Office, Raggi "lied to the Capitol Anti-Corruption Officer in December 2016" because if he had said that the appointment of Renato Marra had been administered by his brother Raffaele, he would have conducted an investigation and "according to the Code of Ethics then in force at M5S, he will have to give up. "So the alleged crime of counterfeiting, but today the Court has judged the matter in another way: the fact is there but" it is not a crime ".

"We are expecting the motives of the penalty for possible recourse," and then Dall Olio.

Prior to the opening of the last hearing before the verdict, Andrea Severini, wife of the mayor, had published social insults to journalists. "Flowers with human characteristics".

Rome, for social insults to journalists by Raggi's wife's wife

And an attack on the press comes immediately after the punishment of innocence and by the political leader M5, Louie Di Maio: "The Infami Jacks"

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