Thursday , February 25 2021

Rome, bulldozers in the Casamonica villas. The anger of the passengers. "We're going to sleep in Salvini"

The demolition of the first of eight illegal homes of some representatives of Casamonica in Rome is in progress. The bulldozer was launched in the presence of Mayor Virginia Ragie, who wanted to watch the beginning of some demolition work designed to make the buildings useless.

Rome, at first the eviction of the Casamonica villas: Raggi and Salvini on site

The first of the demolition of the eight Casamonica villas on Via del Quadraro began from the outer door of an ocher bible. The bulldozer has removed the roof of the house that has an impressive entrance surrounded by marble and was overtaken by a round with a relief.

"We are Italians from 7 generations we take measures, we help the poor, help the foreigners and we the Italians do not? Where are we going now? We will go to the house of Salvini and the rays" shouts one of the residents who take boxes of clothes and furniture a truck comes and moves the furniture still exists.
"They have not told us anything – adds Luciano Casamonica – We did not expect to be evicted, we do not know where to go … We were staying in the car with ten children tonight." "My niece lives here, my son," he adds, "I'm with them from yesterday to help them." There is also a sick little niece who came out of the hospital a few days ago and needs treatment. "" We have been here for 50 years – he says – I do not understand why they have left everything without warning. "

"Mussolini is back … Criminals are you." So some of the Casamonica residents complain about the massacre that is under way in Rome this morning. "The rays as it sent us in a day now have to find us housing, I have children, I do not know how to do, where do we go?", Says a man. "I have a seven month old boy," echoes him another.

"The rays of this kind are not good, not a piece of paper, nor a warning." She did not give us anything, "they say." A woman also blew the microphone to a journalist who had come out and yelled that he did not want to come back again. "Yesterday a similar scene happened when a young woman went by car to pick some parcels in homes and dropped coke into captains

"I am carrying out checks to find out if there are deadlines for challenging the demolition order." To say, it is the lawyer Tiziano Gizzi, a lawyer for certain members of the Casamonica family. "I check whether there is a chance of an execution accident – added the lawyer – The expulsion order dates back to 1997 and therefore the terms of administrative appeal have expired"

Rome, Kazamonitsa: ice creams and gold statues in the luxury villas

Yesterday morning, at dawn, more than 600 municipal police officers began cleaning the houses of the clan bosses at Quadraro. The same mayor and deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini intervened on the spot. In the evening, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte conducted an inspection

"We started in Rome and will not stop until we demolish the last villa of these accursed people." And the commentary Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, guest of Confcommercio.

"I have often criticized Rome's Mayor Virginia Ragley for lack of cleanliness, quality of road surface or poor bus service, today I am pleased to acknowledge to the mayor and to the entire administration that the anti-Kazakh factory is really good for Rome, for the law, for Italy, the seriousness of the political confrontation also stems from the recognition of the results of the opponents: with us they have never done it, but we are also different in it, the path of legality will be always comrades ". This is the way in which Matteo Renzi comments on the ongoing demolition of the eight villas of Casamonica.

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