Saturday , January 16 2021

Pensions, in December the check will be heavier but late


In December, the 13th pension Inps is entitled to retirees, old-age pensions and early retirement pensions. Thirteenth for pensioners is due to the December installment. Let's look at how the calculation works, the thirteenth tax and what are the requirements to get the extra amount of 154.94 euros and what is the additional amount of fourteen in December from 437 to 655 euros.

The month awaiting the whole world is coming workers and pensioners, because together with the pension / salary that comes along thirteenth. The retirement allowance in December will therefore be heavier than usual due to the much-anticipated thirteenth and certainly not surprising. This should come a little over twenty days and is intended as a Christmas bonus, paid to pensioners, including those proven holders of social benefits. But will this benefit be perceived by everyone? Indeed, like workers, even pensioners apply the same rules.

So if that the service provider he has not retired at the beginning of the year, he will only receive the installments for his months effective retirement. In any case, this thirteenth for many pensioners will be a breath of fresh air, since those who already have a pension are quite decent and can take advantage of it to make a gift or indulge in some luxury, while for those who have difficulty to reach the end month, may be a good chance to be more relaxed.

Pensions December 2018, when will the check be made?

What is being asked is when this really happens the audit will be completed when retirees can go receive the December pension including the thirteenth. With regard to the provision of this increased check, however, it appears that bad news is coming, which only concerns part of it of pensioners, who in December could withdraw control from their own credit institution after a few days compared to normal. Lately, according to legislation, the first banking day of the month is referred to as the accreditation date of the pension and in December, it seems that this day is only Monday 3.

However, there seem to be no problems for those who understand it your own check in any mail. In this case, the pension will be paid from 1 December. The difference is due to the fact that on Saturday the post office is open, while the post office is not. Thus, despite the fact that pensioners will have to wait a few more days to be able to withdraw their pension for December, they will find an increased amount in their account, which will surely pass all sorts of anger about this little delay in payment . The thirteenth month, chiamata too Christmas bonuses, is a monthly Christmas salary paid as a salary by officials from many countries

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