opened an investigation into the abduction


“I speak only to make it clear that we have acted for Eitan,” Gali Peleg, the child’s aunt, told Israeli Radio 103, adding that “Eitan screamed in excitement when he saw us and said ‘at last in Israel.’ He has not stopped getting excited and saying it we are his real familyHe said he felt in the clouds. The color on his face is finally back. “

The aunt’s mother, who stressed that it was not a kidnapping, then explained: “We were forced, we did not know what it was. his mental and health conditionsWe could only see him for a while. We brought him back home, just as his parents wanted him to. “Gali Peleg then ended up saying ‘this the care of the father’s aunt is irregular“.

Attorney Franz Sarno knew nothing about the incident, only legal on the compensation front for the tragedy of Shmuel Peleg’s Mottarone cable car, his maternal grandfather. “I heard this news this morning, it was a cold shower,” he said. “I only deal with compensation. this war on the skin of the child“.

In the war between the two families its president Jewish community of Milan Milo Hasbani. “Milan has learned with disappointment the news of the abduction of little Eitan,” he said, “and strongly condemns this very serious act that violates Italian and international law. We hope that the case will be resolved as soon as possible in accordance with his decision.” Juvenile Court “.

Bitter for what happened the mayor of Stresa, Marcella Severino, who told the story: “Eitan arrived in Italy when he was just a month old and grew up here. After his injury, he was slowly regaining balance. A month ago I spoke to the baby’s aunt, Aya, and I knew she was worried.I hope this situation can be resolved quickly, for the sake of the baby and that these people understand that grandparents can come to visit Eitan in Italy “.


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