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Maurizio Costanzo: the tenderness of a "lucky" man

These years were terrible. No, it's not an introduction to an upright version of the famous book Mario Capanna for the '68' and the environment, but one way with the other – or perhaps the only way – is to predict the release on Wednesday, November 13, of the new book by Maurizio Costanzo: "The triveto and the roses. My unforgettable decades "(Mondadori, 130 pages, 18 euros). The title of the title refers to the attack of which the famous journalist was a victim when, on 14 May 1993, he and his girlfriend, Maria de Philippi, were in danger of flying in the air: a photograph of the judicial acts depicts the bosses Matteo Messina Denaro and Giuseppe Graviano among the spectators The Maurizio Costanzo shows, among the audience of the show, to study the target, a year ago, of the attack. The other term "disputed" in the title of the book, Roses, relates to marriage to Maria De Filippi. In the middle, ideally, throughout the 90s: the notorious and famous Carmelo Bene hosted in Maurizio Costanzo Show's "One Against All," as well as the descent in the Berlusconi field, the mafia massacres, the Tangentopili and the big figures such as Francesco Toti, Enzo Tortora, Federico Fellini, Fiorello, are always on the piano by the unforgettable musician and actor Franco Bracardi. "It's not true that the years are all the same. In my life, the decade of the 90's was distinct, chronic TNT and roses. "Essentially the fragments and the beautiful fireworks." So Costanzo says and celebrates a decade, his own but ours. Waiting for him to read his latest book, we recommend an interview with OFF. (Editorial)

<img class = "alignleft size-medium wp-image-396850" src = "×292.jpg" alt = "IMG_4303" width = "390" height = "292" srcset = "×292.jpg 390w, http: //ilgiornaleoff.ilgiornale.en / wp -content / uploads / 2017/08 / IMG_4303-1024×768.jpg 1024w, 1200w "sizes =" (max- width: 390px ) 100vw, 390px "/ Say a versatile person like Maurosio Costozo, with an experience reminiscent of the designs of the velvet with some poisons covered by its natural will to forgo, is not easy. They wrote of this aristocratic signatures and told him in his books again. How to stop journalistic inclination and his careful observer; This is the agent, because he is the one who asks!
What to ask him? I tell him that there is a canvas, but I would like to have been a light conversation with enigmas and he said to me: "But then you remember?" And, therefore, I am allowed to sign up!
After passing through the backyard of his office there is a strange exchange of observations and immediately wakes me up nicely: "What happened? Was my guest on the show years ago, she is a very good artist and now she is even more beautiful … what did she do? "
My answer was immediate: "Costanzo was the mother of a child who is almost three years old."
And he: "Shows me a picture of his daughter?". He tells me that he looks like me, especially in the cutting of the eyes, and his thoughts run right at his four grandchildren: "I love kids and I like to spend time with them."
In his studio he feels the air of the home, full of memories, surrounded by family photographs, drawings of nephews and gods, his collection of turtles, awards, piles of books and scenes of theatrical scenes. Someone clearly breathes a life as a communication artist. Filippo's cat, living in the studio, is in the next room, the dog at home.
Among his questions and my own (3 of my own, this report in a few minutes) I can bring a "home"interview a little "unpublished, where it emerges tenderness a man who has seen so much, but has kept a very strong human side. Obviously a "good bear" who loves its cluster, the visibility of a reserved character and at the same time open to the knowledge and strange discovery of new encounters, but to the stock of "benefit of doubt" and to the touching and positive vision of the sea, life.
Jole … and Ugo?
"my mother left when I started making TV. He left with the desire to pursue my professional development. my father even before: disappeared when I was 17 years old. The regret is that I did not share the rest of my journey and my career with them. It is useless, their loss has pointed out to me. I lose it and I still think about it. Separation from parents is a serious break. "
Maries the dad?
"I love my own children I see often. For example, today we have lunch with my two physicians and usually, in the evening, I have dinner with Gabriele, my adopted son and Maria. Then I have four grandchildren, the older one comes to see me in the show: he likes to be behind the scenes and his presence makes me feel good. "
Love and women?
«L & # 39;love and women, only when it was worth it! I was lucky, I always met some beautiful and dedicated women and, in the budget of my life, they were dominating. I could not live without women, the men made me fatal! "
The music, the song of the writer … will you write it yet?
"I like everything that is music, I had fun with the saxophone! The collaborations on the songs were different in writing the lyrics, but in the end the song I can say is that I wrote "If you call". I like his voice because he is modern, but he keeps ancient textures and that's very interesting. Who knows, maybe I will write a text for one of his songs! "


He never missed the swing of life balance and motivation, was an unstable "dancer". If it was Dance, what style would you choose?
"OR classic dance, the electoral ballet! discipline and talent with a dash character. I would definitely be a classic dancer! "
If you think about friendship?
"I'm going a long way, I'm thinking of my partner, a kid friend who disappeared early, but for years his son is working with me. A link that lives on memory, ancient relationships are the most true. But the beauty of life is the meetings: their duration does not matter, what is exchanged remains. L & # 39;friendship is a more demanding word, but the meeting nevertheless leaves something that can be understood as play, complicity, curiosity. We need to know how to recognize his meetings fate. »
"It has always been a part of my life, I have supported charitable foundations for years. It seems right to be interested in others and in the solidarity should not only be expressed insocial commitment, but also to those closest to it. "
In the success factors that place is fortunate?
Msgstr "An element of luck there is absolutely life and above all in work, luck must be met. He was not found to be looking for it, it happens … I find myself fortunate because I was born with a violent offer to do it journalist and from here everything was born so that they can show other attitudes that were inherent in me. "
The sea;
"I could spend whole days watching it seaI do not have to dive. As always, since childhood, it was so.
As I write or rest, I see it simply. At my house by the sea, while all my friends are on the beach or on a boat with my wife, I'm there to observe it, with the change in color and movement. "
A velvet and a poison of his career?
"A velvet is to discover it talent, for example a velvet to learn it Paolo Villaggio. A poison? God! I have a fortune: I do not remember many unpleasant and bad things. I also had poisons and someone would cause it, but I can not remember them, I do not care. Just to mention one, maybe when one of the middle school students gave me a rude and I did a little cianchetta! I do not live grievancesbecause I do not remember them. "
Is there still something he has not written, a program in the drawer?
"I am deeply satisfied with what I have achieved in my life. I have done one for thirty years transmission which I like and who continues to thank public. If something new comes, it will be good, but that's fine! Because if you do one thing well, it stays forever and your destiny is respected. "
Interview or Talking?
"I never said it, it is also absurd, because it coexists with it interviewsBut I prefer to interview, rather than to interview. I repeat, this is the first time I've said it, I do not know why, maybe with her grace, I got it from you! But anyway for various reasons: due to modesty, preference, confidentiality, I would not have interviewed, I always struggle a little. "

by Alma Manera

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