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"I'm sorry, I'm not a robot"

Higuain's wrong sentence. Getty

Higuain's wrong sentence. Getty

Coaches often exaggerate. "We have five in the first place," they say in the press room, although in fact they are simple races with three points for points. But this time for Gonzalo Higuain, the great former Milan-Juventus championship, was supposed to have seriously charged the final. Why Bianconeri made him replace him with a certain Cristiano Ronaldo in the summer. About how this game had come close to a week of passion, after the hit on the back that put k.o. in Udine just 7 days ago. No, it was not just a three-point fight. For him, only for him, it was final. Pipita bears a big cross on it: he, the finals, the cigarettes all or almost all of a sudden.

blasphemous disk
Having to deal with "cagnacci" like Venice and Chiellini for an attacker should not be a trip to the park. If you are not 100% and after just 8 "your team gets down, who knows what frustration. Higuain snorts, back away to swallow balls that the front struggles to get. Lose some contradictions, start a few restarts that do not lead anywhere. Then it flickers. This quick check, in which Benady puts the "frozen" hand. Icy, because almost by hand dead. The Moroccan keeps him on Mazzoleni's life, whistling rigorously (only after Var's advice and travel on the screen), but he does not have the second yellow on the nose. Is it there or not? Muffler material. But doubt may upset Pipita, who in the meantime steals the ball from Kessie's feet. His punishment belongs to him, even if he is not the designated shooter. Gonzalo careful, Szczesny knows you! It even shows you where to shoot. Nothing, Higuain kicks in there. The Polish goalkeeper moves much earlier, dives to his right and deviates enough to send the ball into place. Ouch ouch ouch. Again, these cursed eleven meters. As with the Chilean final in the Cup of America.

What is a serataccia? The indications are already two: the goal of Mandzukic, the strictness thrown on nettles. Higuain tries to straighten it. And Gattuso also joins Cutrone to give him a hand. Move the balance (friend Leo stayed on the bench, he did well afterwards …) to stand against a warship like Juventus. Bennatia and Tselinia are doing nothing, on the other hand Cristiano Ronaldo, the phenomenon that stole the place, marks 2-0. Share it a little "for everyone, even for San Siro who does not sing anymore, but not for him.For Higuain one final, for the others not.And one last does not give up, because there is no other day to The condemned Argentine, Mazoléni, annoyed him for a whistle in the middle section as opposed to the usual Venice, warned him with the yellow to stop complaining, but Gonzalo has now left the 5th birthday in Brest of France, but "garra" has been trained well in River Plate but as he did in Udine last year in Naples, when his expulsion for protests ended the hope of the championship of Sarri .. Gattuso praying that this time is not so decisive, there are another 26 days at the bottom, but not all are the finalists …

the excuses
Late in the evening, the best game on Higuain's dark Sunday. On the microphone, away from the field. As a defeated player, but as a person seeking forgiveness for mistakes. "I want to apologize for the team, for Gattuso and for the fans for my attitude." The referee knows what I said, I take responsibility for what I did, no need to happen anymore. It was Benatie's phase, He whistled against me and warned me that the referees must understand the moment of the players, I am not a robot, I am a player and I am a person who feels a lot of feelings … Then I have not shown the children and I'm sorry. The solidarity of my former comrades? I had a good relationship with them, they know what feelings they feel in the field. Yes, it was a struggle with different emotions, I admit it. I had given everything for Juventus jersey. The penalty shootout I thought Szczesny had not moved before. He said he knows me, I always shoot him, but he was well shattered and wanted a huge parade to get him. him. "

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