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GRANDE FRATELLO VIP 2018 / Direct: Candidates Cecchi Paone, Mainardi and Stefano Sala (Fabio Basile)

Stefano Shala has no doubts and has decided to surrender his immunity to one of the candidates who are currently candidates for elimination. The choice, as expected, falls on Benedetta Mazza's inseparable girlfriend, who is saved from the weekly television broadcast, leaving Stefano behind. The names of this episode of Big Brother Vip 2018 are then Alessandro Cecchi Paone, Andrea Mainardi and the new entry Stefano Sala, who, commenting on his choice to save Benedetta Mazza, reveals: "Salvo Benedetta, I started this journey with her" . Alfonso Signorini's comment is laconic, which in the midst of direct observation: "If this is not love". Ilary Blasi officially opens the television line between the three potential competitors: once again, viewers will have to vote to save their favorite VIP. The candidate for the elimination will be the competitor who will receive the smallest number of votes and the verdict will be presented at the usual meeting on Monday. (Text by Fabiola Iuliano)


The episode of the Big Brother Vip 2018 starts in the final stages with the third challenge of the night, which faces Giulia Salemi and Walter Nudo against Francesco Monte and Benedetta Mazza. In order to get the best, however, they are the first, forced to choose who will send the elimination among the contestants who make up the lost team. Giulia Salemi has no intention of eliminating Francesco Monte, even if Alfonso Signorini believes it is right, at this point, to try out his love story by asking the audience for his opinion at home. After a brief reflection on what to do, the team decides to save the former competitor of the famous Island, then sending Benedetta Mazza to Andrea Mainardi and Alessandro Cecchi Paone among the candidates for the abolition. The last word, however, belongs to Stefano Sala, who, as a favorite competitor of his concert, could overturn the result this evening. (Text by Fabiola Iuliano)


"He has a great heart, he is a person who never talks to anyone, does not speak inappropriately, is kind and polite and has a shining soul." Francesca Cipriani has no doubts: Walter Nudo is the man of his dreams. For the competitor of Big Brother Vip 2018, however, the spark is not triggered and the elevated is forced to abandon reality after a strong two banners. Many reactions in the studio and at home, where Giulia Provvedi, with a hint of irony, emphasizes that Walter Nudo despises the heart of Francesca Cipriani without really giving her a real kiss. But when asked to show the public the right way to kiss, he disappoints, forcing Alfonso Signorini to kiss Ilary Blasi passionately. Then we return to the challenge that saw Ela Weber and Ivan Cattaneo triumph against Jane Alexander and Alessandro Cecchi Paone, but the two opponents can not find an agreement on the nomination of the competitor. Ela Weber, in fact, does not intend to give up the name to be set for elimination, so they both decide to save Jane. (Text by Fabiola Iuliano)


The second challenge of Big Brother Vip 2018 is disputed between two young couples: the first to be composed by Jane Alexander and Alessandro Cecchi Paone, the second by Ivan Cattaneo and Ela Weber. This is a time-challenging challenge that sees the triumph of the team consisting of Ivan and Ella for 5 or 2, but waiting to find out which of the group's runners will be appointed, it's time to start the " A woman for Walter Nudo, "who sees the former candidate Francesca Cipriani:" This is my soul, it is an excellent person and you have fulfilled my greatest desire, "says showgirl waiting to meet her man's dreams. Cipriani does not stop even before Walter Nudo's long chastity period, confirming that he was absent for a long time: "as we said a few days ago, a bit more than me." Walter Nudo, who does not know what's waiting for him, identifies the portrait of his ideal woman, confirming that "it's not important to be blonde or brown, he must be smart, he must love the journey." Will Francesca Cipriani succeed in disappointing her expectations? (Text by Fabiola Iuliano)


Lory Del Santo and Martina Hamdy decide to nominate Andrea Mainardi but waiting to discover the names of the other two candidates for the abolition, the challenge of the Big Brother 2018 stops making room for the controversy between Maria Monsoa and Alessandro Cecchi Paone. "I am a gentle woman (…) I asked for kindness that will not freeze you to see if you will be good. Give me a gift, can you let me talk?", He asks, "I saw that you are a hard man, arrogant and selfish, who thinks only of herself You are a born preacher I feel offended because you not only made fun for me but also because you were laughing at my daughter. "Maria Monsè is a complete river and leaves no room for an answer , but Alfonso Signorini is not there and from undergraduate studies she says: "Maria, that Pall *". The former competitor, in fact, simply does not want to leave room for his opponent's response, forcing Ilary Blasi to interfere with the study: "Mary I send you Marchesa." (Text by Fabiola Iuliano)

Challenges take the place of naming

It is official: the competitor who has to leave the Big Brother Vip 2018 home is Fabio Basile. Judoka, who can not wait to return to his education before leaving the scene, can embrace his grandmother Diamante, who enters the house for one of the most moving encounters of this edition. "Let's always remember that this boy has not only a gold medal but is Commendatore in the value of the Italian Republic," remembers Alessandro Cecchi Paone. The Big Brother, meanwhile, alerts competitors still in the game that tonight there will be no candidate, so everyone is at risk of being eliminated except Stefano Sala, who according to the votes of his comrades is the best of the week. To avoid candidacy, tenants have to go through three tests, the first challenged between the two couples consisting of Lory and Martina and Andrea and Donatella. To win the match is Martina and Lory, who will send the video game? (Text by Fabiola Iuliano)


The big brother Vip 2018 allows Jane Alexander to embrace Elia Fongaro again, which was issued by the verdict of the public during her previous appointment. Meanwhile, Walter Nudo, who is away from the evening, is welcomed in the studio with the applause of the attendees, confirming that he does not regret: "If it is too soon? It is completely when it is supposed to end, "says the former competitor. A video captures his entire journey through the house, between philosophy, links and moments full of fun:" I will lose the boys, each of us has its own of how to do, "reveals Walter Nudo, who is frozen in the middle of his stay in the studio – where he is moving from time to time – to take advantage of the situation is Marquise of Secco d 'Aragona, who comes near him, gives him a kiss and gives him a mysterious envelope with a new verdict: Walter Nudo is still at stake The competitor can then come back to reality but that means the blocked is still home.To communicate the verdict is the Nudo who arrives with him with Fabiola Iuliano (Fabiola Iuliano), with Fabio Basile being eliminated by the night.


Benedetta Mazza is the first to continue her adventure at Cinecittà's home. Ivan Cattaneo, Fabio Basile and Walter Nudo are still at risk of eradication, but the big brother Vip 2018 has little "unexpected" for them. "I wanted to tell them to remember me," said Ivan Cattaneo, now confident that he will be eliminated, "I will send you a beautiful plane, that of Hiroshima." Meanwhile, the verdict of the audience reaches the studio: the VIP who has to quit the reality is Walter Nudo. Unfortunately, the other tenants can not but greet their friend, shocked by a decision that no one expected. "In the end, there are rivals who are really strong," Alfonso Signorini reveals, but frustration does not give up on competitors still in the game: "We shared many weaknesses (…) inspired us with all his stories, from we bring a little "Walter to heart," confirms a deeply disturbed Andrea Mainardi. (Text by Fabiola Iuliano)


Alfonso Signorini and Ilary Blasi surprised their Big Brother Vip 2018 competitors who made their entry into the most spy TV house. The well-known columnist reveals to tenants some gossip stories nowadays on the front pages of the newspapers, including the scoop that sees Fabrizio Corona, formerly Silvia Provvedi, in the arms of the other. "Fabrizio has consoled himself with Asia Argento," Signorini says to Donatella's brunette, "if he can keep it," he answers more definitely than ever. The wandering columnist then Fabio Basile, a few days very close to Giulia Provvedi: so out of the house, they can rely on their loyal collaborators who are waiting for them with open arms. "I hope he is good, he hit me because he hit me", He answers the well-known judoka without words after a short message from his beloved. At home, meanwhile, the game comes alive with a tough test: contestants have to express their preferences for the names of this episode. (Text by Fabiola Iuliano)


Everything is ready for the second weekly appointment with Big Brother Vip 2018. Waiting to find out which of Walter Nudo, Fabio Basile, Ivan Cattaneo and Benedetta Mazza will have to leave the home, viewers have predicted their prediction in social networks, predicting that if Ivan Cattaneo went out, show reality could lose one of the most entertaining contestants of this release. Here are some chirps: "Do not try to hit Ivan who is the only one who makes me laugh …", "Run to vote to save Ivan that I fear tonight touches, otherwise with those we have tomorrow fun "I want Ivan to come out … I do not want Ivan to come … I do not want Ivan to come … did I understand that or not? ". To many, however, to make Walter Nudo, he is considered one of the favorites in the final victory: "Watch television, we have to vote to save! Let's save Walter," "Come to Walter! Ivan in, otherwise the full boredom, meanwhile, worse than that … ", write followers on Twitter. (Text by Fabiola Iuliano)


It will be an episode that beats the heart of the Big Brother Vip 2018 that will soon be broadcast on channel 5. To be particularly anxious Stefano Sala who, despite not being appointed, is afraid of eliminating Benedetta Mazza, the most important person for him in the house. "I do not even want to think that Benedetta can go because for me, here, it represents a great point of reference, I do not know how to go on here without Benny, and I know that anyway, whatever the decision I get, Benny is always there, and the thing is mutual, because we really want a good soul, "said the model in the confession." During a moment of trust with Giulia Salemi, then, he said, "The release of Benny will destroy me. If it came out my character would change. Benny is greatly normal. "Stefano was trying to calm down Benedetta, who knew her anxious situation and made him reassure him by letting him take out her feelings, so Mazza would be able to overcome the barrier of television broadcasting sees against Walter Nudo, Ivan Cattaneo and Fabio Basile? (Information from Stella Dibenedetto).


A few hours from the living, Ivan Cattaneo does not hold the tears. In a nomination with Benedetta Mazza, Walter Nudo and Fabio Basile, the singer could be eliminated, but scaring him is not the possible return home, but the thought of love that has not been restored. An airplane received by Ela Weber from her husband was enough to bring Ivan's pain back to the surface and could not hold back his tears. "I will never have such love," says Giulia Salemi. Ela Weber also reaches: "What do you say: we all love?" "When I go out, I will be alone again," adds Ivan, who managed to find a dimension inside the house. Despite jokes and arrows, sometimes even poisonous, the other tenants of the Cinecittà house appreciate Cattaneo. Will the audience therefore allow him to continue the adventure at home? (Information from Stella Dibenedetto).


The Big Brother Vip 2018 has reached the turning point. Tonight, another contestant will have to leave the house permanently and for those who will continue the adventure, it will be really difficult to accept it. The team is, in fact, increasingly united and the elimination of one between Walter Nudo, Ivan Cattaneo, Benedetta Mazza and Fabio Basile is a cause for concern. This will be a major night for the candidates. Progress, in fact, has surprisingly announced meetings and, possibly, inside the home, special people will arrive for the candidates to eliminate. To receive the surprises should be Benedetta Mazza and Fabio Basile by Walter Nudo and Ivan Cattaneo, have already received the surprise, respectively, from their children and their brother. For Benedetta Mazza tonight, there should be a sister who announced her presence in Rome, but she would not exclude her mother's presence, also in Rome (Stella Dibenedetto's briefing).


The Big Brother Vip 2018 is back in the air tonight for the double weekly episode and pushing the throttle in this version has now become a hot potato. The audience does not appreciate the clash with fiction on both Monday and Thursday, not allowing Ilary Blasi and Alfonso Signorini to bring home great results like the first two editions. The guilt of the cast? It seems so, and none of the most discussed competitors, or Lory Del Santo, created the dynamics that everyone was expecting to see. The woman continues to show dignity and respect, animating her feelings without waving them and this is certainly a possible winner of this release. Just a few hours ago, two important messages arrived home for her, just a few hours of life. A bit of a shock to her but a big smile greets the writing of "Lory You're Unique" coming from friend Marco Cucolo, already a visitor at home a few weeks ago, and his friend Giusy whose director and producer says he's a special woman with a big heart. He has also proven differently in this Big Brother Vip, will he reach the final and will fight on equal terms with the designated winner, Walter Nudo? We will learn after rescue and candidacy tonight. (Hedda Hopper)


Ilary Blasi and Alfonso Signorini return to the atmosphere today, on Thursday, November 8, at prime time on Channel 5, with the second weekly appointment Big Brother Vip 2018 which will order another was deleted. After Maria Monsè's bid farewell to the call to call Alessandro Cecchi Paone tonight, another tenant will have to leave Cinecitta's house definitively to say goodbye to the opportunity to win a place for the final. On TV there are Benedetta Mazza, Ivan Cattaneo, Walter Nudo and Fabio Basile. The four competitors ended up with TV shows not with the classic nominees, but with a mechanism that saw the other competitors who participated in the difficult selection to indicate the pairs to be sent on TV. Tonight, however, TV transmission is positive. The question, in fact, is: who will be saved between Benedetta, Fabio, Walter and Ivan?


Walter Nudo, remaining faithful to his face, is one of his most beloved competitors Big Brother Vip 2018. In fact, among the four competitors on television, Walter Nudo is the super favorite to stay at home. In fact, the challenge will almost certainly be between Ivan Katteneo, Fabio Vasile and Benedetta Mazza. Ο τραγουδιστής έχει περάσει επτά υποψηφιότητες ενώ η judoka και ο ξανθός αγωγοί είναι για πρώτη φορά στην τηλεόραση. Οι δημοσκοπήσεις λένε ότι η πρόκληση θα είναι μόνο μεταξύ των τριών και μια επικεφαλής-κεφάλι αναμένεται. Για να φύγει από το σπίτι του Cinecittà θα είναι ο αγωνιζόμενος που θα έχει λάβει τον μικρότερο αριθμό ψήφων. Σύμφωνα με τον Patrick Ray Pugliese, πρώην ανταγωνιστή της πραγματικής εκπομπής, ο Fabio Basile θα εγκαταλείψει το σπίτι, όπως είπε στα μικρόφωνα του Ultima dalla casa.


Benedetta Mazza θα είναι ένας από τους πρωταγωνιστές του ένατου επεισοδίου του Big Brother Vip 2018. Ο ξανθός αγωγός, μέσα στο σπίτι, έχει δημιουργήσει ειλικρινείς και βαθιές σχέσεις. Η Benedetta, στην πραγματικότητα, βρίσκεται πολύ κοντά στους Stefano Sala, Giulia Salemi και Francesco Monte. Με τους τρεις άνοιξε περισσότερο λέγοντας ποια είναι η ζωή του έξω από το σπίτι. Κατά τη διάρκεια της τελευταίας νύχτας, η Benedetta συνέθεσε στο Monte και Giulia Salemi στους οποίους ομολόγησε ότι δεν είχε μια πραγματική σχέση με την αδελφή της, που γεννήθηκε από την επιλογή των γονέων που δεν ήθελαν να παραμείνει μόνο παιδί. Μόνο η αδελφή θα μπορούσε να εισέλθει στο σπίτι απόψε, για να την κάνει μια έκπληξη. Ο Ilary Blasi, επιπλέον, με τη Mazza, θα μπορούσε επίσης να μιλήσει για την ιδιαίτερη σχέση του με τον Stefano Sala.


Η ιστορία μέσα Giulia Salemi και Francesco Monte φαίνεται να έχει φτάσει σε σημείο καμπής. Οι δύο, τις τελευταίες ημέρες, ποτέ δεν συζήτησαν και γίνονται όλο και πιο κοντά. Εκτός από τη λήψη νέων αεροπορικών μηνυμάτων από τους οπαδούς, τον πρώην tronista και τα cuddles ανταλλαγής επιρροής και φιλιά ακόμη και αν ο όμορφος Pugliese συνεχίζει να μην χάνει το βάρος του. Ενώ είναι καλά μαζί με το Salemi, Monte εξακολουθεί να μην χάσουν βάρος. Η παύση για αγάπη και η επιθυμία να μην βυθιστείς σε μια νέα ιστορία αγάπης είναι ακόμα εκεί, αλλά η ενέργεια και η ελαφρότητα του Salemi μοιάζουν να δουλεύουν καλά στο Monte που, εκτός του σπιτιού, μπορεί να αποφασίσει να συνεχίσει να παρευρεθεί.

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