Thursday , January 28 2021

Crac Alitalia, prosecutors: Colaninno and Mustier archives. “They had no warning signs. Granite assurances from the managers on the bills”

File Roberto Colaninno, the CEO of Unicredit Jean Pierre Mustier and 6 others under investigation for its crash Alitalia in the season Etihad. Excerpt and then again at risk of process, the position of the other 15, including the former president of the company Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, the former directors Silvano Cassano μι Cramer ball and the second issue of Etihad James Hogan. This is his first move prosecutor of Civitavecchia after the completion of the airline management survey between 2015 and 2017. On 2 May 2017, Alitalia Sai emergency management after the workers rejected the pre-agreement on the redundancies and the board imposed the impossibility of a recapitalization that shareholders the majority Unicredit μι Τεντεσα Σανπαόλο, with Etihad who owned 49%, had put the workers’ yes in the cut plan. On May 11, the Civitavecchia Court declared the company insolvent.

From history was born a great research that included all the leaders of the time, as well as several parallel clones, including those of the well-known Renzi Air Force. One of the main complaints of the judges is that the budget for false goodwill e fake invoices to ‘make an appearance falsely respected the forecasts of the industrial plan 2015-2018 ″ and thus achieve the goal of “making people survive artificially the company “, delaying its statement insolvency. Prosecutors have prosecuted his crimes for a variety of reasons fraudulent bankruptcy deteriorated, false corporate communications and an obstacle to supervisory functions. But now about 8 suspects were asked archiving. In addition to Colaninno and Mustier, who were then members of the Board of Directors, the former Vice President of Confindustria appears on the list. Antonella Mansi, Enrico Laghi (CEO and CEO of Midco), Giovanni Bisignani, the director of Etihad James Dennis Reney and three members of the Board of Auditors: Alessandro Cortesi, Paolo Andrea Colombo and Corrado Gatti.

Regarding the position of Mustier, who defended the law firm Iannaccone and his associates, one of the accusations concerned the transfer in 2015 to the newborn Alitalia-Sai of the Alitalia Loyalty branch, ie the company that managed MilleMiglia Program. Prosecutors assumed that having estimated the value in 13 million due to its “irrational and arbitrary use evaluative discretion“Since the value of this investment was recorded in the financial statements of Alitalia Cai (the previous ‘soul’ of the carrier) on December 31, 2013 at a value of 150 million. The same judges, however, after analyzing the documents and hearing the defense positions, now believe that there is no “subjective and objective evidence” for the crime he is accused of against Mustier, Laghi, Montezemolo, Cramer Ball and others.

The focus of the investigation, however, is on the alleged bankruptcy claim wrong accountingProsecutors are still convinced that the allegations “untrue and appreciably false referred to in the financial statements “were intended to represent” an accounting reality does not correspond to the real“Like the ‘false capital gain’ resulting from the ‘false invoice for 25.5 million’ on”loss-making routes Milan – Abu Dhabi and Venice – Abu Dhabi“However, the members of the board of directors and the statutory auditor, the prosecutor now writes, did not know” warning signs“About the financial situation of the company. The reason?” management of Alitalia always offers granite assurances on the existence of positive equity for current events and also from a perspective. “Mustier, Laghi, Colaninno and others – therefore – argue that judges – should be considered” foreign “to the crime of bankruptcy.

In the request for testimony, the prosecutors then return to another hot topic of the investigation, that of him 5 pairs of slots (Fiumicino-London Heathrow) 60 million that Alitalia-Cai should sell to Etihad for later rent it in turn in the newborn Alitalia-Sai. However, according to prosecutors, the “balance sheet” of the company included “false goodwill of 39 million”. The same prosecutor now claims that “liability is excludedFrom Cassano, Rigney, Bisignani, Colaninno and the two mayors involved (Gatti and Cortesi). It remains to be seen if and to whom the judges now intend to challenge the incident.

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