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Covid: Lazio, Veneto, Sardinia and Sicily are already in the yellow zone – Chronicle

Rome, July 21, 2021 – Since then, four regions yellow belt. There is pressure in the confrontation with the government for the revision of the parameters for the application of the “colors” in the Region because, with the current legislation, already four – Lazio, Veneto, Sardinia and Sicily – restrictions in the yellow zone must apply. With the increase in infections in recent days, these four areas have exceeded their quota 50 weekly cases per hundred thousand inhabitants, the threshold that makes you leave the white area to end up in yellow.

The Lazio In particular, with the sharp increase in cases in the last week (cases increased fivefold in Rome), it reaches 54 cases per hundreds of thousands. The Veneto, with a frequency of 54.5 per hundred thousand, and Sicily, 56.5 per hundred thousand. However, it has the highest frequency Sardinia, 64.4 per hundred thousand. Just three weeks ago, everyone had about 10 cases per hundreds of thousands, much less.

No other Area is close to 50 cases, but some are over 30, of which there is no protection against the current growth rate risk of further deterioration: The Tuscany is at 34.3, Umbria at 31.7, h Province of Trento to 30.3. It’s not that annoying yet Lombardy, divided by 26.3. In any case, things change if we look at the input data, the new parameter proposed to decide the “color” changes the object of comparison between the Regions and the government.

Pending the government’s decisions on the matter, which will be taken tomorrow, July 21 – or, according to executive sources on Thursday afternoon, if the ongoing discussions on the new legislative decree need more time – the Intensive Terapie in the Veneto, for example, those of Lazio at 3%, Sicily at 3.3% and Sardinia at 1.4%. One of the assumptions on the table is exactly that of activating the yellow zone when it exceeds 5%, while the “red” risk limit will be activated by 30%.

Intensive care numbers in the four “yellow” districts today will be avoided risk of abandoning the white zone Already using this Friday’s follow-up data, we should also keep in mind that hospitalizations tend to follow infections for several days. In any case, the key factor remains the one associated with vaccines, currently the only elements capable of mitigating the increase in infections and, above all, reducing the risks of hospitalization and the need for intensive treatment.

Yellow belt: arm wrestling in the parameters

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