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Caution, pulses under 50 and heart failure increase this risk

Listening to our body and especially our heart can protect us from certain pathologies and avoid serious consequences. In addition to a healthy lifestyle along with a balanced diet, they remove many cardiovascular diseases, the most common in the population. In addition, the necessary checks that must be performed at least once a year should never be postponed. In fact, prevention and early diagnosis save lives or in any case can make it easier. As recommended by the consultants of ProiezionidiBorsa, those who are 60 years old should do these tests for a long and happy life.

However, we can sometimes underestimate the signals of our heart because we assume that they are mere manifestations of our worries and fatigue. In fact, there are 3 confusing symptoms that in 50 indicate that the heart is under pressure. Caution, pulses under 50 and heart failure increase this risk. Your heart ache, even after a few steps, is not very normal. That is why it is necessary to investigate and not let the case decide for us. Our heart is the engine of our body and we must take care of it.


Caution, pulses under 50 and heart failure increase this risk

Slow heartbeats below 50 may indicate that you have a short heart. Specifically, it is an arrhythmia, which changes the heart rhythm. If the heart rate is above 90, there is tachycardia, while if it is below 50 it is myocardial infarction.

In these cases, the heart pumps some blood to the brain and can also cause fainting, a brief loss of consciousness. This symptom can be caused by diabetes, hypertension, alcohol abuse, smoking, aging processes, sleep apnea, after a heart attack or congenital heart disease.

Therefore, when the heart rate is very slow, it is recommended that you have the necessary tests, such as an electrocardiogram, and evaluate the appropriate treatment. Your doctor may also consider a pacemaker. Untreated myocardial infarction can have complications that vary depending on the damage to the muscle tissue or the degree of heart failure. If severe, it can lead to heart failure, frequent fainting, heart failure or even sudden death.

Listening to your heart without postponing proper controls to tomorrow saves lives and allows for a peaceful existence.

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