Wednesday , June 16 2021

Bloodborne 2 on PS5, a stunning amateur trailer created by fans

Blood per PS5 continues not to be announced and then I think about it fan “To make it happen”, to put it bluntly, as we see in this striking amateur trailer which is quite convincing, combining different scenes to create an interesting video.

There is also a specific title for this “game”, that is Bloodborne 2: Blood Hunt, which could just be there. Having been released a few days ago, it is possible that this trailer could also work as April Fool, but it is actually a commendable project on its part. youtuber Garden of the eyes.

In the description, it turns out that Bloodborne 2: Blood Hunt is obviously exclusively PS5, and it is follow which tells the facts after the end of the first chapter, with the hunter having now surpassed a higher level after defeating the main threat of the ancestor.

All this leads to a new beginning, as its assumption is impure and partially altered by the consumption of the Old Blood during the events of the first chapter, leading to the birth of a new and dangerous race: Wonderful beast.

The plot is very interesting and the trailer is well made, although it obviously uses elements and scenes collected from the first chapter, edited to look like something new. This project is also part of it contest “Imagining Bloodborne 2” is aimed at fans, just to give an idea of ​​the expectation around this game that has never been announced.

Meanwhile, a video from the Digital Foundry showed the potential Bloodborne on the PS5 at 60 fps, while the PSX demake is also set to be seen among amateur projects.

Bloodborne 2 is still not officially announced, fan-created works never multiply

Bloodborne 2 is still not officially announced, fan-created works never multiply

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