Saturday , October 16 2021

Basketball, Serie A: Venice Shoots Sassari, Trento Turns Brescia with Craft Craft

ROMA – A night of great emotions between Sassari and Trento. Legabasket's sixth day progress marks two point-to-point finals to smell the leaders of Venice, still with points, and the coach of Buscaglia in Trentino who found his first season victory in this championship.

Leaders suffer in Sassari, but not in the slogan. Positive evening for Venice, in the race that opens the sixth day of the championship. Reyer's pure course continues, a corset at PalaSerradimigni despite the nightmare. A part of 8-0 allows Dinamo to stretch the first quarter, even closed at +12 (23-11). A gap that has remained virtually unchanged over a long period, despite Venice's efforts to mend: Tonut confirms the extra time and draws him to -3, Polonara and Cooley dominate under the basket and the media and Sassari goes in the cupboard front 7 (40-33). The third quarter reverses the fight scenario: Austin Daye gets his shoulders and with three consecutive triplets leads Reyer to a draw to 50. At the end of the game, Venice is ahead (60-62) and manages to defend the impossible advantage until the final siren, clinging to Bramos and Daye. Bamforth brings Sassari into contact in the last seconds with two unrealistic bombs, but not enough: Haynes makes 2/2 of the crown when there are 5 ", Smith scores the impossible triple of the tie.
(23-11, 40-33, 60-62)
Sassari: Spissu 2, Smith 12, Bamforth 15, Petteway 16, Devecchi, Magro 1, Pierre, Gentile 6, Thomas 4, Polonara 15, Diop, Cooley 12. All: Esposito
Venice: Haynes 15, Stone, Bramos 9, Tonut 13, Daye 21, De Nicolao 3, Vidmar 6, Jerkovic ne, Biligha 2, Giuri 7, Cerella, Watt 10. All: De Raffaele
Pull: Sassari 24/44 of 2, 7/25 of 3, 14/20 for free. Venice 17/36 from 2, 13/33 from 3, 13/17 free of charge
rebounds: Sassari 38 (15 Attack), Venice 37 (15 Attack)

Come on, I saw, you're coming. The Dolomiti Energia Trentino is rebuilding Aaron Craft in the best way, with the US celebrating the return to Trento with the aim of winning 2 "6 seconds from the siren.Pillar of the group that reached the final championship two seasons ago, the winner of Findlay reiterated Buscaglia's coach's court following his experiences with Monaco and Buducnost, placing the Brescia jumper (76-75) and giving Forray and co-workers the first success of this tormentatissimo principle of the season. is the best way to start the second life or I'm in Trento, it's nice to go back to where something has been built, I'll be daddy in February, and I'm here to build my family. "I know the team, the coach, it's good to come back." A win, that of Trento, was based on the ability to always stay in the game in Brescia's efforts to leave. The decisive rebounds, with Trent who has given the misfortune to 4 rebounds aggressively on the Lombards, are going to raise up to 15 on the other side and give away many second possessions. Particularly pulled the final seconds, with poor management of Brescia's attack in possession that could close the fight: forcing Sacchetti with 2 "remained in the clock of 24, Craft glacier on the other side.
(19-22, 38-39, 56-58)
Trento: Radicevic 1, pasture 2, Mian 15, Forray 11, Flaccadori, Craft 11, Midnight ne, Gomes 18, Hogue 12, Lechthaler ne, Jovanovic 6. All: Buscaglia
Brescia: Allen 17, Hamilton 7, Ceron 2, Abass 17, Vitali 5, Laquintana 5, Caroli ne, Mika 10, Beverly 6, Zerini, Moss 2, Bags 4. All: Diana
Pull: Trento 11/25 from 2, 14/34 from 3, 12/18 for free. Brescia 13/22 from 2, 11/23 from 3, 16/22 free of charge
rebounds: Trento 35 (15 Attack), Brescia 24 (4 Attack)

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