Thursday , January 28 2021

Apple to reduce App Store commission to 15% for many developers –

apple has announced a move to substantially change the development environment on iOS and Mac, with 15% commission reduction from software revenue for sale on App Store, which is a 50% reduction from what Apple used to do.

The supply cut will not affect everyone, but it will target those developers who remain under $ 1 million annual revenue, therefore excludes large publishers, but includes a large number of developers indie and smaller companies selling games and software in the App Store.

In a way, what is achieved Epic games hoped for Fortnite’s famous crusade against Apple orreduction of the quota was requested by the producer and the administrator of the App Store to developers, but it happens this way excludes, among others, Epic Games, in a rather ironic way.

Apple’s resolution is actually based on developer income, thus excluding large-diameter publishers and companies, which will continue to pay 30% as usual, but giving a good amount of oxygen to indie and smaller developers who will pay half or 15%.

Maneuvering is part of itApp Store program for small businesses, which should also include “thevast majority“Those who sell products through the App Store, according to reports from Apple itself. The new regime will start from January 1, 2021 With more information coming out later, developers will have to apply to join the program and will probably have to go through a verification and certification phase, but from next year the App Store tax regime seems to be fairer.

At this point we are also waiting to see what the response will be from Epic Games, which is still involved in the legal battle with Apple for the foreclosure of Fortnite, even if the new measure does not include that company.

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