Apple has updated iOS as soon as possible: it fixes a very dangerous bug


IOS 15 will bring great and expected news. When it comes out, so far a very short return to the position. Meanwhile, Apple rushed to release update 14.8 to solve a very dangerous problem.

iOS 15 coming soon (Adobe Stock)
iOS 15 coming soon (Adobe Stock)

Behind a seemingly harmless GIF sent via iMessage, there is a very possible problem. Huge. A malicious code. The exploitation of zero clicks POTENTIAL, discovered this year, among other things, has caused several headaches, especially because it has been detected in the famous spyware Pegasus of the NSO group.

The zero-click exploits in iMessage are not exactly new and may have been one of the NSO Team’s favorite attack points for hacker iPhoneE Last year, its employees Al Jazeera have been the victims of such an attack attributed to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The exploit did not even require targets to click on a malicious link, only that they receive a specially generated message.

Apple is running for cover. New specs against Pegasus also in iOS 15

Apple (Adobe Stock)
Apple (Adobe Stock)

Similar incidents occurred this year even after Apple corrected the previous vulnerability. Citizen Lab examined an iPhone infected with NSO team’s Pegasus spyware and found traces of suspicious files with the .gif extension. In reality, however, these files were maliciously created PDFs that exploited an error in Apple’s CoreGraphics system to execute malicious code.

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Spyware – explains John Scott -Railton, Senior Researcher at Citizen Lab – lets you do what an iPhone user can do on their device and more“” Other previously released malware managed to “infect” the victim’s device by sending specific links. Melafonino infected, without even realizing it. A rare vulnerability, a deadly weapon in the hands of hackers and cybercriminals, a very powerful hacker tool.

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Because of this apple had to run for coverage, forcing itself to update its operating system, with iOS 14.8, macOS Big Sur 11.6 and watchOS 7.6.2, to close this security bug. For this you must inform as soon as possible i Melafonine, especially those involved in the management of sensitive information. With iOS 15 just around the corner, hopefully even the days of zero-click box-related exploits CoreGraphics at Apple end.

The Apple security team, as confirmed by New York Times, worked hard to develop a solution after his researchers Citizen Lab The University of Toronto had discovered this giant danger by analyzing the infected iPhone. An Apple spokesman said Citizen Lab that Cupertino is seriously considering integrating specific features against spyware, just in future updates iOS 15.


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