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The global market for electronic medical records is expected to subscribe to CAGR 17.8% – Perfect Investor

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This Global Medical Medical Records market research report describes market size, share analysis and forecasting, competitor analysis based on current trends and statistics.

Overview of the electronic medical records market worldwide:

The electronic health record includes a combination of clinical, economic, demographic and coded health data, which aims to improve overall quality of care. This is a digital version of the patient's medical information that is usually written on a paper. Many governmental organizations have also highlighted the importance of electronic medical records. For example, according to the World Health Organization, proper collection, management and use of information within health systems will determine the effectiveness of the system for identifying health problems, prioritizing, identifying innovative solutions and allocating resources to improve of health outcomes. Currently, many hospitals and clinics use electronic medical records to store important documents about the patient's illness. The patient repository would improve security and quickly retrieve the data as needed.

The purchase of electronic medical records is expected to reach CAGR by 17.8% during the forecast period.

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Global market guides medical environments and limitations:

The growing need for advanced health information systems, increasing investments by healthcare providers, rising demand for better healthcare facilities, and increased government initiatives are the main factors leading to the development of the healthcare market. EHR helps improve disease diagnosis, reduce or even prevent medical errors by improving patient outcomes. When healthcare providers have access to complete and accurate information, patients receive better medical treatment. The transition from traditional data logging systems to the ECN reduces the cost of data storage. Previously, the data was stored on paper and was very careful to handle it, which led to the transition from health care providers to HME systems. According to the data published in 2016 by the Office of the National Health Analyst Coordinator, an organization using advanced health information technologies and electronic health information exchange, around 95% of the Registered Expansion Centers) have an established SAR and use regularly with this technology. More than 78% of all CER participants (112804 providers) demonstrated significant use of certified EHR technology that provides better UM functionality, including reports on clinical quality, e-prescription and drug reconciliation.

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Global e-Medicine Archives Purchases-Geographical Segmentation:

Geographically, the market for electronic medical records can be divided into four main areas: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and the rest of the world. In these four regions, North America is a market leader, followed by Europe. The main factors leading to the development of the electronic medical records market in these areas are the increased portability and accessibility of medical document management systems and the growing demand for a paperless environment to minimize human error. In addition, advances in technology and the modernization of the health care management system and the improvement of clinical studies are expected to contribute to the development of the electronic medical records market in North America and Europe. The Asia Pacific region is one of the fastest growing regions in the world and is expected to become the most promising market for the development of the electronic medical records market. The factors that will stimulate growth in the Asian-Pacific market include growing demand for better care and rising government initiatives to opt for a patient flow management solution and electronic medical records. In addition, better patient records management and the growing need to minimize record keeping costs should also increase the growth of the Asia-Pacific online medical record market.

Key Players at Global Market Medical Records Market:

Some of the key market players are 4Media, Allmeds, Bizmatics, Cambio Helathcare Systems, CureMD, Epic, GE Healthcare, McKesseon, Meditech, Praxis, Quest Diagnostics, Tieto, WRS Health and others.

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