Wednesday , October 20 2021

Hotshot Hollywood producer of anti-Trump Rant Backfires when a crowd rebels


Although many in the entertainment industry seem to think, people are tired of politics coming into every possible arena of life. Hollywood producer Jason Blum found this after choosing to use a film festival as a forum to forge his counter-terrorism views.

On Tuesday, Blum, who is the founder of Blumhouse Productions and produced films such as "Get Out" and "Whiplash," was awarded at the Isle of Films Festival in Beverly Hills.

The Israeli Film Festival is funded by the Adelson Foundation, founded by billionaire Sheldon Adelson, who has been a strong supporter of President Donald Trump.

According to the Hollywood reporter, during Bloom's speech, he took the opportunity to take a fight against the president.

"Tonight we have a lot to celebrate with the launch of the 32st Israeli Film Festival, but at the same time today Americans went to the polls to exercise our right to vote," Blum said.

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"I have quietly checked my phone and do it well enough," he continued, to which some of the audience answered, "Depends on who."

"The election results are pounding as I speak and many are on the line," said Blum. "The great thing about this country is that you can love Trump, but I do not have to say it and I can say what I feel about it – and I do not like it!"

But many people in the audience were not happy with their anti-terrorist remarks or the injection of their policy into what it meant to be a celebration of the film. Some people began to walk out, while many of them who stood up as Blum continued his irrelevant tide.

As it sounds in the video, a voice called to him reminding, "It's a cinema festival!"

Blum continued with his political speech as the listener whistled and grabbed harder and walked more people.

"As you can see from this amphitheater, it is the end of the political discourse," he continued. "We have a president who calls the press the enemy of the people. Thanks to our president, anti-Semitism is growing."

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Blum was forced to leave the scene with a security escort, as some audiences tried to remove him from the podium.

Are you tired of listening to political religions from Hollywood celebrities?

He misrepresented the reaction of the audience as "the end of the political discourse". If he had spoken in a political struggle, that is one thing. But he appeared at a film festival as a film producer who received a prize. How does this have to do with politics?

The public was equally entitled to exercise the freedom of speech as it did. Despite the likelihood of wanting it, Blum could not control their reaction to what he said – he could only control what he said.

He was probably expecting a warmer welcome to pretend against Trump. Too bad for him that many people are exasperated by being taught in Hollywood hotshots.

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