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Google: Nigerian company facing problems with technology giant – Local

One One Cable Co., a provider of telecommunication and networking services for businesses in Nigeria and West Africa, is facing problems with the Google technology giant to redirect Internet traffic to Russia and China.

Routing has caused fears of national security in the United States amid allegations of a hacker or hijacking by one from Russia or China.

On Monday, November 12, 2018, online monitoring companies Thousands and BGPmon revealed that some traffic in Google Alphabet Inc. had been routed through China and Russia, causing concerns that communications were deliberately forgotten.

Google recognized the problem on Monday in a post on her website and said she was investigating the problem.

Google also said it believed the problem came from the company. The company did not say how many users were affected or identified by specific customers, Reuters References.

National security problems in the United States

The US Economic and Security Review Committee, a Washington-based group advising the US Congress on security issues, said it was looking into the issue, according to the Commissioner Michael Wessel.

"We will work to get more facts about what happened recently, and we will look at which legal tools or law enforcement or law enforcement activities can help address this problem" Wessel said.

Mrs. Funke Opeke, Managing Director, MainOne Cable Company.I am playing

Master One Funke Opeke boss. Her company says rerouting was wrong (Google)

The Lord said he had caused the problem by mistake. In an electronic statement, the company said it had "It caused a 74-minute error from incorrectly setting a cross-border gateway protocol filter used to traffic Internet traffic, which led to the sending of a Google traffic through Main One China Telecom,Reuters writes.

Experts have their say

Although Main One said it was a blame, security experts spoke Reuters said the incident highlighted concerns about the possibility for hackers to spy on or disrupt communications by exploiting known vulnerabilities in the way Internet traffic is trafficked.

Yuval Shavitt, a network security researcher at Tel Aviv University, said it was likely that the Monday issue was not an accident or a mistake from Main One.

"You can always claim this is a kind of configuration error" Shavitt said.

Nigeria, Google to work for global digital access - OsinbajoI am playing

Nigerian Vice President Yemi Osinbajo visited Google's office in July 2018 (Uncova)

The principal says he has investigated why the error occurred

Main One announced that it has investigated the issue and has put in place new procedures to prevent it from recurring.

The United States maintains cold diplomatic ties with Russia and China. The presidency of Donald Trump and some of his associates are still being investigated by a legal advisor Robert Mueller because of the alleged Russian intervention in the 2016 elections.

A part of America believes the Russian state has used hackers to manipulate the presidential election for the Republican Donald Trump.

Data is a surest way to undermine national security. Facebook has also been questioned about its role in the US 2016 elections.

The traffic jam caused by the Lord is seen as another issue in the Russian and Chinese manual to use US data. to continue mistreatment and sovereignty.

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