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The shocked Cheryl faces a negative reaction to the performance of the X factor.

Cheryl introduces her new single to ITV's X Factor (Dymond / Thames / Syco / REX / Shutterstock).
Cheryl introduces her new single to ITV's X Factor (Dymond / Thames / Syco / REX / Shutterstock).

Cheryl has spoken after her performance on X Factor on Sunday, saying in a long position in social media that the "clean level of unbalanced negativity" to her was "shocking".

The singer, who was a judge on the ITV show, sang her new piece, Love Made Me Do It, during the program of results.

Cheryl introduces her new single to ITV's X Factor (Dymond / Thames / Syco / REX / Shutterstock).

The energetic performance saw licking her hand and swirling around a tight black body.

The media regulator, Ofcom, said on Monday he had received 15 complaints "against sexual tone and clothes in Cheryl's routine."

He posted a long Twitter statement saying, "I wanted to start by saying thank you so much for your wonderful comments and support for my appearance on Sunday. You may not have read it, but I definitely saw them and felt them!

"Having spent 16 years in the public eye, I have always accepted the views of people. Personally, my music and performances will never be for everyone, and that's fine."

The 35-year-old, whose new single is his first release by The Only Man of 2015, said he "leaves a lot of things, but the huge level of imbalance of negativity towards the printed press over the past few days was frankly shocking and must face it ".

He continued: "This level of uninterrupted abuse must not be tolerated in any walk of life. From my appearance, the size and shape of my body in my performance and even dragging innocent people to it as they did to the Nile Rodwhur simply for a clickbait header is absolutely required, it also gives the hoops a bigger voice and platform.

"What is even more strange to me is that some of them are the first to write that we need to be more socially aware and to become aware of electronic bullying and mental health awareness. Is that different?"

Ending her position, thanking her fans for being "strong enough not to be affected by negativity," and added a note at the end of her message, saying: "PS … I watched my performance back and I loved her! "

After Sunday's show, Chic Nile Rodgers's star got into the social media to reject the suggestions she had been dragged off by Cheryl not standing after her performance.

Rogers, 66, who has completed X Factor Judge Robbie Williams, tweeted two photos from the show and a long explanation saying, "So I get to the living room, open my powerbook and say: @Xfactor fans are "convinced" that I had pushed Cheryl.

"With this picture on the left as a proof, I was right before I ended up sitting down, I never will rip ANYBODY, it's not my nature, really folks? That's what we've got."

Cheryl, who rose to fame as a member of the Girls Aloud girl group after Popstars' victory: Opponents in 2002, and former comrade Liam Payne, 25, were parents for the first time in March of last year to a boy they called Bear.

The latter appeared as a judge at ITV's The X Factor in 2015 and was presented in 2017 along with Chief Justice Simon Cowell during the courtroom phase.

Cheryl's next TV show sees her role as captain in BBC One's new BBC One night show, The Greatest Dancer, due to air next year.

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