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The pensioner is crying, as he is not guilty of killing a "violent, abusive" partner

Elementary: Desmond Dadhy is accompanied by the Criminal Court after being found guilty of the murder of his associate De Soul. Photo by Tony Gavin
Elementary: Desmond Dadhy is accompanied by the Criminal Court after being found guilty of the murder of his associate De Soul. Photo by Tony Gavin

Retired Desmond Daphis was released from court yesterday after being found guilty of killing his "abusive" and "violent" partner, Desmond's 59-year-old Dessie Sullivan.

Mr Duffy (70) shouted quietly and whispered "thank you" as the jury dropped out of the courtroom after spending seven hours and 11 minutes examining her verdict after a nine-day trial. Mr Duffy said from the outset that he was acting in self-defense after his 36-year-old partner attacked him at his home kitchen in Somerville Park, Rathmines, Dublin 6.

At 4.46pm the jury returned with its verdict. Judge Paul McDermott thanked the members of the jury and freed them from further duties of the jury for 10 years. He then turned to Mr. Duffy and told him that he had been cleared.

Mr. Duffy then turned to his legal counsel and asked, "Can I go?" Outside the stadium, his supporters hooked him as he prepared to return to his home country.

The trial hears that Mr Duffy is called Garda Maurice Ward, who is married to the deceased's niece shortly after 22:00 on May 23, 2016, saying there is a "problem" and could come urgently.

Gda Ward arrived about 30 minutes later and found Mr Sullivan's body in the kitchen.

The accused took the stand in his defense during the trial, telling defense counsel Caroline Biggs that he was not there to blackmail Mr. Sullivan's name. "You do not spend 36 years of your life with someone you do not love, we had our problems, and Dessie had its good sides," said Duffy.

She told Mrs. Biggs that she was defending herself from an assault on her "abusive" and "violent" partner. "I feel sorry for his family, especially for his mother I was very close to, for his sister and for others, but I still mourn, ruin and lose the fruit of what happened. I will never make it. "

He further said in his trial: "It was never my intention to hurt or injure him."

Mr Duffy said he remained with Mr Sullivan despite abuse. "I covered it and refused it," he said, "and at the end of the day I loved the man."

GP physician Marie Cassidy said that Mr Sullivan died of squeezing the throat causing a lack of oxygen in the brain. Mr. Sullivan had hypertensive heart disease and a combination of alcohol and diazepam in the bloodstream that could have contributed to his death, making him vulnerable to heart arrhythmia. He found evidence of tiny bleeding around the eyes that he said was common in cases of suffocation. He said the bleeding showed that the airway was blocked for "a few seconds".

The strike around Adam's apple was in line with Mr Duffy's explanation that he used a grip on his fingers and the thumb of his right hand when he came to defend himself.

The trial has been heard by many witnesses that Mr Duffy has been the victim of domestic abuse for about three decades.

Anne Quinlan said she took a lift home from a wedding in Killiney in the mid-80s with both men and as Mr. Duffy drove Mr. Sullivan began to strike him face, head and upper body and screaming at him.

Melissa Farrell recalled that Mr. Sullivan is dancing to the crematorium on the morning of the funeral of his brother Duffy. Later that day, Mr. Sullivan threw a basket of sausages and chips on Mr Duffy's head.

There were other incidents and Mr Duffy said as evidence that he would sometimes stay in a hotel to avoid abuse.

At night Mr. Sullivan died, the two men drank to Rathmines and returned home around 21:00.

The neighbors heard voices and one said it was different because Mr Duffy seemed to support.

Mr Duffy said that when they went home, Mr Sullivan began to beat him and pull his hair. Mr Duffy went to bed hoping to weaken the situation, but Mr Sullivan followed him.

Mr. Duffy went downstairs and the series went on with Mr. Sullivan to beat Mr. Duffy. Mr Duffy said he set his hand to defend himself and pushed Mr. Sullivan to a lounge chair in the kitchen.

He said that Mr. Sullivan pushes against him but then slides under the wall and falls to his side.

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