Friday , October 22 2021

The outbreak of teenage girl's "neck" was used as evidence against her in the rape trial


OUTRAGE fired after using teenage girl lingerie as evidence against her in case of rape.

The 17-year-old "lace with lace" was presented as part of the defense meeting at Cork Central Criminal Court last week.

    The case was heard at the Cork Central Criminal Court earlier this week

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The case was heard at the Cork Central Criminal Court earlier this week

Elizabeth O'Connell SC told lawyers: "You have to look at how she dressed, wearing a lace leash."

He asked them to look at whether what the teen was wearing showed he was "open to meet someone and be with someone," says the Irish examiner.

Noeline Blackwell, head of the Dublin Crisis Crisis Center, told The Independent that he was not surprised that the girl's underwear was the focus of defense.

She said, "The reference to the girl's underwear and the case and conclusions the jury was asked to pull – because because she was dressed so she asked for sex – does not surprise us.

"We accompany the people to the court and all the time we see the stereotypes of rape used to discredit the complainants and impose elements of the defendant's case."

Furious people commented on the social media about the comments they made on her underwear.

Brianna Parkins said: "The underwear of a 17-year-old girl was fairly treated in a rape trial in 2018. In Ireland."

While a publisher of Irish journals published: "I can not overcome this lawyer by asking the jury to think about a teen's underwear and if her lace says she was" open "to meet someone.

"Do you wonder what kind of underwear indicates that a person is" open "to meet someone? All legal experts know? Scary."

Another person tweeted a picture of different underwear, adding: "Decision decision Oh" No matter.

"Rape is rape and is accused of not being released, implying that her underwear was a factor."

A woman wrote: "I can not believe that even today the judges comment on the clothes of the supposed victims. The underwear that this girl chose to wear has nothing to do with her allegation of rape. "

Earlier this week, the 27-year-old defendant was found guilty of raping the teenage girl in County Cork.

The jury, eight men and four women, took an hour and a half to reach a unanimous verdict.

During the trial, the jury heard that after one night the teen told the man that "you hurt me" and replied "no, we only had sex."

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