Sunday , May 16 2021

Netflix sued the Satanic temple over Sabrina's psychic adventures

The temple of Satan has landed at Netflix with a trial to portray whether a statue in Psychic Adventures of the Sabrina.

The team has filed a $ 50 million intellectual property suit, accusing the giant giant of dismantling the statue of the Baphomet temple to fuel the "sadistic panic" of the series.

At the heart of the conflict is Baphomet – described in court documents as "a guilty goddess with an Egyptian head."

A statue of the deity with two children appears on the show, however, the group claims the statue is similar to their own Baphomet monument, which has struggled to settle alongside the Ten Commandments to Oklahoma State Capitals but now resides in Detroit after multiple protests.

Religious co-founder Lucien Greaves said the Baphomet statue "was fond of" a similar monument that is worshiped by the characters in the show.

Sabrina Satanic Temple

"Many people who did not listen to us at first merely recognize this monument as the Sabrina monument, which blunts and discredits the entire project," he said.

Greaves added that depicting the appearance of satanists as cannibals, murderers, and necromancers may be very little reflection of the peaceful members of the Satanic temple.

"It is really the kind of normalization of this perception that the only true concept of this type of religious identification is one that can be associated with a patriarchal, cannibalistic worship," Greaves said.

"We are so overwhelmed by this fiction against Satan, which many people think is unnecessary to seek to claim it like this."

The temple of Satan has become infamous because he protests about the Christian monuments and statues that appear publicly in the United States.

The group claims that it does not promote evil and, on the contrary, adheres to the basic principle that "unnecessary suffering is bad and what reduces pain is good." He welcomes Satan as "a rebel against the power of God, instead of a bad being".

In 2016, the organization launched a campaign in several public school districts in the US to set up programs after the "Satan" school.

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