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John Aldridge feels that Martin O'Neill and Roy Keane had to go after losing the support of Irish faithful

Martin O'Neill and Roy Keane have left their roles with the Republic of Ireland
Martin O'Neill and Roy Keane have left their roles with the Republic of Ireland

Kevin Palmer

Former Iraqi striker John Aldridge believes Martin O'Neill and his assistant Roy Keane had lost the support of the Irish sports community, after confirming that the twin has resigned from their roles that led the Republic of Ireland.

A light 0-0 draw in Denmark on Monday night destroyed the curtain in a devastating 12-month period for O'Neill and Keane and turned out to be the final straw for the duo management with their team managing just four shots in goal and failure to score in the last four races.

Now, Aldridge proposed O'Neill's time as the Irish boss had come to a natural conclusion, as he wrote in the Herald column.

"I remember that Jack Charlton told me that every manager has a lifetime and will eventually reach a point where time is on a job and he got there with Martin and Roy in the Irish organization," Aldridge said.

"Soccer management is a tough job and when the tide turns against you, no matter how successful you have gone through your career as wolves begin to obey when they smell the blood.

"It was sad to sit down in the 90 minutes in Denmark on Monday night and you could say the same for most of our races in 2018.

"If we offered a kind of threat that we are attacking and we hold it tight back, the criticism of Martin and his assistant, Roy Keane, would not be so strong, but it is difficult to get away from the reality that this management group seems to have lost the popular support of the Irish public ".

While Aldridge admits that O'Neill has a tough job with a team of Irish players who do not have top-quality Premier League, he claims that recent appearances were not acceptable.

"It is fair to say that Ireland does not have players to compete at the very high levels of international football at the moment, but that does not mean that we can not have a plan and a method to try to get results and play with a bit of the invention, "he added.

"We do not expect these Irish players to pass teams from the park or produce consistent results against the best teams in the world, but we can demand much more than we have seen lately and Martin and Roy do not need to tell them that.

"All we want is to try and qualify in the tournaments and get a bit cratic when we get there but I looked at the fans who traveled to Denmark this week to watch a team that failed to score a single goal in the match and they must have exhausted their enthusiasm to go all these trouble and expense to follow the team in their next away game.

"Something has not been seen right in the Irish organization and we've heard everything about the spheres between the players and the management and the disagreements about the way we play, which adds to the suspicion of dissatisfaction in the camp.

"Our lack of confidence in the ball and the inability to go along is worrying, and although many people have questioned the huge salary O'Neill and Keane earn, this issue should not be the focus of our attention.

"If this management duo produced a team of Ireland playing with spirit and little invention, no one would question their salary, but this is not the case at present, and a transformation into real estate has to be done very soon.

"Martin and Roy will know that big decisions will have to be made about their future, unless we notice a remarkable improvement in Ireland's performance because if you have a big name and any success you have in the past, soccer is a result company and performance that deals with it here and now. "

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