A country is in trouble to give Trump a verdict


Former Governor Ted Strickland, the last Democrat to lead this state, said the election effectively became a referendum on Mr Trump, and Democrats "are confident about the house and have been somewhat concerned about the Senate."

"It's on the ballot box, whether it's name or not," said Mr. Strickland of the president. Trump added that the shift in the political atmosphere between 2016 and 2018 was like "the difference between heaven and hell."

Mr. Trump seemed to have ignored the ambition to govern the house and to seize the Republicans in covetous Senate competitions in the last few days. He focused primarily on right-wing electrification rather than reassuring the swing voters who supported Hillary Clinton two years ago.

During the last weeks of the campaign, Trump had missed the attack on immigration, the barrier to first-born citizenship, unrelated to immigration with violent crime, and reinforced the desperate conspiracy theories of immigrant caravans in Latin America. Regarding election defeat, Mr Trump prompted Paul D. Ryan's policy officer on Twitter after Mr Ryan criticized his desperate proposal to annul the constitutional guarantee of nationality to US-born ones.

Mr Trump's approach can resonate in a number of countries in the nearest Senate race, though it may be able to shrink in many different states where Republican seats are in danger, including Nevada, Arizona and Texas.

"It turns down independent voters," said Senator Chris Van Hollen, leader of the Democrats and the Democratic Senate campaign, arguing that these states have offered their party a "narrow path" to a majority.

According to the Republican public opinion researcher Christine Matthews, the democratic message focused on health was "more relevant" than most voters, as was offered by Mr Trump's final arguments. With regard to joining the wars, Ms Matthews said that the president was trying to energetically spread the predominantly white and male base, even if moderate women retreated from it.


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