Wednesday , January 20 2021

We found 2 new planets larger than the land, floating without purpose – VIVA

VIVA – A team of astronomers from Poland discovered two new planets in the Milky Way galaxy. But there are significant differences between the two.

Refers to the page Scientific noticeOn Sunday November 11, 2018, the two planets did not roam in stars. Instead they float unnecessarily.

Such planets are rumored to be difficult to recognize. Instead of a planet that has a trajectory like the earth. Astronomers at the University of Warsaw used gravity microwave techniques to observe both.

This technique is to find the point where distant astral light is curved and deformed by the gravity that attracts planets floating in this course of light.

The researchers are not sure how big the two planets are. Because the evidence remains indirect.

It is estimated that a planet can measure two to twenty times the mass of Zeus and another 2.3 to 23 times that of Earth.

Researchers do not want to rule out the possibility of living both of the living things. But without the light and heat from the center of his orbit, it seems that this desire is impossible.

They also said that perhaps not only these two planets walked without trajectory. But there are still many objects in the galaxy.

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