Sunday , November 29 2020

Undoubtedly Living in Luxury because of Parents, Indra Priawan called for starting a business at the age of 16

JAKARTA, – Born as the successor to the taxi business that has been operating in Indonesia for 40 years, Indra Priawan does not deny that she has lived with all the privileges since her birth.

Actor Nikita Willie’s husband said he started his own business when he was 16 years old.

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“You can not lie if for example it is my life privilege, from birth it wassupport with the parents “, said Indra, she admitted it on the show Misqueen Buddy, on YouTube Trans7 Official, on Tuesday (27/10/2020).

“However, since the age of 16 I already have my own business,” he added.

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His business at the time was not even large-scale, he still sold to Kaskus for goods υβρίο which exists only outside the country.

He finally managed to own his own brand of Esre Denim jeans.

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Hearing the name Esre Denim, comedian Marshel Widianto understood immediately.

“At that moment I was guarding the parking lot, thank you Mas, it turns out he brought me to life,” Marcel said.

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“I swear I do not know. “At the store, at that moment, I was ashamed to meet a big boss,” Marcel said, still laughing.

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