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The father and mother died of Covid-19, a 10-year-old child alone at home – Vino (10), a third grade elementary school boy in Linggang village, Purworejo, West Kutai, isolated himself at home.

The mother, Lina Safitri (31) died in a state of 5 months pregnant on Monday (19/7/2021). Meanwhile, his father, Kino Raharjo (31) died the next day, Tuesday (20/7/2021).

Vino’s parents tested positive for Covid-19 and were treated at Harapan Insan Sendawar Hospital in West Kutai because they tested positive for Covid-19.

Vino’s father, who sells pentol in West Kutai, is an immigrant from Sragen in Central Java.

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He had the vaccine, he thought it was typhoid

Margono said his sister, Kino Raharjo, had his first vaccine on June 29, 2021. He then fell ill.

The family believed Kino had typhoid and the effects of the vaccine.

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In an unhealthy situation, Keno continued to sell pentol and it rained. When he returned home, he had a fever and his condition continued to worsen.

“She is vomiting, she is vomiting. I have been medically examined and given medicine, but it is not improving,” Margono said when contacted., Thursday (22/7/2021).

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On July 11, 2021, Keno was taken to hospital and during a smear, Keno tested positive for Covid-19. However, the doctors asked Keno to isolate himself at home.

“But after the hospital check-up, the positive effect of the smear (Covid-19) was on July 11. Medical staff were given medicine, vitamins, with the order to isolate them at home,” Margono explained.

After learning that her husband was positive, Lina, who was 5 months pregnant, underwent a PCR swab at Puskesmas. He was also asked to isolate himself at Harapan Insan Sendawar Hospital to teach the baby’s health because it was dangerous.

However, Lina, who has a history of asthma, continued to deteriorate. Keno, who was initially treated at home, deteriorated and was taken to hospital.

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“At her husband’s house, the fall is also rising. Finally, Harapan Insan Sendawar Hospital called me to take care of her there,” Margono said.

While Vino was also tested and positive, he was isolated at home only because he had no symptoms of illness.

“Then they divorced. Vino at home, his father and mother in the hospital until they died. His mother died on July 19. His father on July 20,” Margono said.

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Neighbors sleep in front of a roofed door

Illustration of isolation alone.FREEPIK Illustration of isolation alone.

During the self-quarantine at home, Vino was accompanied by his neighbors and relatives. His father’s companion was sleeping in front of the roofed door.

Vino, meanwhile, sleeps on a patchwork and mattress in the living room in front of the TV.

Margono said that at the time of the deaths of his father and mother, Vino did not attend the funeral of Covid-19 because he was in solitary confinement.

“We told him that his father and mother had died. His answer wept. “He said how they died, the father and mother are still young,” Margono said.

“But after that he had fun again, many families, relatives gave him food, many accompanied him home,” Margono continued.

SOURCE: (Author: Zakarias Demon Daton | Author: Teuku Muhammad Valdy Arief)

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