Wednesday , January 27 2021

The CEO of PKH wants corn at the HPP

Farmers find it difficult to compete with the big entrepreneurs using the linked system

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – The General Director of Livestock and Animal Health of the Ministry, I Ketut Diarmita, is trying to force farmers to absorb local corn. However, it also hopes that the price of corn will be sold at the government purchase price (HPP).

The GNP for maize is in line with Regulation 58 of the Minister for Commerce (Permendag) 58 in the year 2018, amounting to 4,000 acres per kilogram at farm level. "At this rate, farmers are profitable farmers," he said in a meeting with Andakar Cilandak on Monday (12/11).

At present, the price of corn reaching over 5,000 Rp per kg is recognized by Ketut, making farmers happy, but not with farmers and vice versa. However, the maximum absorption of local corn must be made so that the farmers are not disappointed and are reluctant to grow corn.

So far, small farmers have difficulty getting corn because they have to compete with big feeders. They use many linked systems to get corn.

"My farmer is not in a position to compete with this bond," he said.

For this reason, the state logistics organization is expected to be able to absorb local maize if it is used too much regulatory stock. In some areas, corn harvests such as Kediri and Mojokerto. Bulog can also get a buffer buffer with the entry of imported corn and allow the local corn market to be marketed.

Buffer stock was liberated when the independent farmer had difficulty getting corn. The proportion of independent farmers in East Java reaches 60% from the national level. Even there are still independent farmers in Subang, Bogor and other areas.

He added that the collection of data on the needs of corn was already owned and became the Bulog guideline for the direct distribution of imported corn. "The sooner it is more stable," he said.

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