Sunbathing can increase sexual arousal


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Ray Sun has many benefits for the body. In addition to helping the body process Vitamin D, sunlight is also good for sexual intercourseThe

A recent study from Tel Aviv University found that sunbathing can increase a person’s sexual arousal. The results of this study were obtained after the researchers analyzed 32 people, men and women.

Participants were initially asked to avoid sunlight for two days before taking blood samples. After that, the researchers asked them to sunbathe for 25 minutes.

As a result, both men and women admitted to feeling more sexually aroused than before.

Not only passionate, the researchers also found that men who were exposed to the sun also had elevated testosterone levels. As a result, researchers say men are more sexually aggressive after sunbathing.

This research stems from the initial findings in 1939 regarding the increase in testosterone levels after sunbathing. However, the magazine did not go into details.

“We are interested in going forward and proving it,” said researcher Roma Parikh, who is quoted as saying.

Paris found that men and women have different sexual attractions after sunbathing. Women experience a higher level of physical attraction for sex, while men feel that they want to be more intimate with their partners.

The effects of sexual arousal and increased hormones can appear after sunbathing for 15-20 minutes. You can sunbathe as a new preparation before having sex.

Use sunscreen when sunbathing to avoid skin damage. Parikh also found that sunscreen would not affect the benefits of sunlight to increase sexual arousal.

There is nothing wrong with walking with your partner in the afternoon sun, maybe this is the beginning of your most passionate afternoon sex.

Parikh also estimated that sunlight or ultraviolet rays are also useful for hormone therapy in infertile couples. However, further research is needed to prove it.

“At this time, infertile and young people who do not have sex continue to grow. I think (with this research) it can definitely produce something amazing,” he said.

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