Seeing Suharto’s Tutut debt on the BLBI case page all


JAKARTA, Debt collection in the case of Bank of Indonesia Liquidity Assistance (BLBI) is entering a new phase. The government announces a list of debtors or debtors included in the collection priority.

One of the people on the BLBI collection priority list is Siti Hardijanti Rukmana, nicknamed Tutut Suharto. He is the second member of the Cendana Family to be targeted by the BLBI Task Force after Tommy Suharto.

BLBI’s debt on behalf of Tutut Suharto arose after the government provided funds to 3 of its companies, namely PT Citra Mataram Satriamarga, PT Marga Nurindo Bhakti and PT Citra Bhakti Margatama Persada.

The three companies owe Rp 191.6 billion, Rp 471.4 billion, RP 6.52 million and Rp 14.79 billion.

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What is interesting and different from the other debtors of BLBI, is that the debt to the country is not accompanied by collateral of assets.

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There was no asset guarantee for Tutut Suharto’s debts, the collateral used at the time was only a work order.

So far, Tutut has not been called directly by the BLBI Task Force lately. Meanwhile, his younger brother, Hutomo Mandala Putra, nicknamed Tommy Suharto, was summoned to appear before Task Force BLBI.

The total debt of BLBI

The government has stated in detail that there are at least 48 debtors and debtors who have obligations to pay debts to the state. In total, the amount of debt to the debtors and debtors of BLBI is 110.45 trillion Rp.

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To recover the debt, the government finally set up the BLBI working group. The task force has the task of prosecuting debtors or debtors abroad by 2023.

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati also said he wanted the BLBI funds to be paid immediately because the case has been going on for more than 20 years.

“I will continue to ask the group to contact all those responsible, including their descendants, because there may be those whose businesses are transferred to their descendants. We will negotiate to get the rights of the state back,” he said recently. .

It is well known that there are still many debtors who still owe the state, either because they have repaid their obligations or because the assets pledged as collateral are not sufficient for repayment.
The government has stated that it is committed to prosecuting debtors and debtors, including those who no longer live in their former management.

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Apparently, there are several debtors and borrowers who have moved to Bali, Medan and even Singapore, but still receive calls from the government.

Some of the debtors were also known to have died, so the collection had to be made to his heirs. Of the dozens of existing debtors, 7 of them are included in the priority charge.

In addition to Tutut Soeharto’s figure, several other names on the collection list include Marimutu Sinivasan, owner of the Texmaco Group, and Sujanto Gondokusumo, owner of Bank Dharmala.

Then there are Hindaro Tantular and Anton Tantular, owners of Bank Central Dagang, Kaharudin Ongko, owner of National Commercial Bank, Trijono Gondokusumo, owner of Bank Putra Surya Perkasa and finally Sjamsul Nursalim, owner of Bank Dewa Rutji.

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