Thursday , April 15 2021

Results PSS vs Persebaya, Penalty Irfan Bachdim sends Super Elja to the Big 8 of the Menpora Cup. – PS Sleman beat Persebaya Surabaya 1-0 in the final Group C match of the 2021 Menpora Cup.

The PSS vs Persebaya match took place at the Si Jalak Harupat Stadium, Regency Bandung, Wednesday (7/4/2021) night WIB.

The only goal for the Java Super Eagle puppet in this match was scored by Irfan Bachdim through the white dot in the 47th minute.

Irfan Bachdim’s penalty led PSS to the quarterfinals of the Menpora Cup as Group C winners. They qualified with Persebaya.

PSS ranks first in the final ranking of Group C with a collection of seven points from five games.

The PSS points collection is similar to Bajul Ijo in the second tier, but they are superior head to head.

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The course of the fight

Persebaya is no longer interested in this match. They have confirmed that they will qualify for the quarterfinals of the Menpora 2021 Cup.

However, it seems that Persebaya does not want to be safe. They continued to appear to be attacking from the beginning of the match in search of victory.

Aji Santoso got his first chance to score for six minutes. Marselino Ferdinan sends a free kick in high over the penalty box. PSS

Unfortunately, the ball kicked by player number seven was not accurate because it was only sideways on the side of the PSS goal guarded by Ega Rizky.

Meanwhile, PSS, who needed a draw to qualify for the last eight of the Menpora Cup, survived longer at the start of the match.

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The Javanese Super Eagle is waiting behind him and occasionally launches a counterattack.

PSS’s first chance came in the 13th minute when Irfan Jaya fired a left-handed rocket from inside the box.

The former Persbaya wing managed to shake the PSS net, but to the side. That is, failing to achieve goals.

PSS counterattack again endangered Persebaya’s defense in the 20th minute. The combination of Irfan Bachdim and Nicolas Velez ends with Velez kicking the ball out of the box.

Unfortunately, Velez’s efforts were unsuccessful and his shot went just wide of the post by Ernando Ari.

PSS threatened PSS goal again in the 28th minute. The free kick by Irfan Bachdim from the right side of the attack received the head of Asyraq Gufron from the box 16.

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Asyraq headed the ball well but it is just wide. Ernando Ari could easily get the ball off.

PSS continued to attack Persebaya’s defense for the rest of the first half. In the 41st minute, Wahyu Sukarta’s free kick was taken by Asyraq Gufron who was on the penalty spot.

However, Ashraq was not ready to accept the boa sent by Wahyu. Instead, he pushed the ball, even though the goal was empty.

Kacatama alias 0-0 is the final score of the first half of PS Sleman vs. Persebaya Surabaya.

After the half, PSS was awarded a penalty when the second half ran for a few seconds after Arsyad broke into the banned box.

The penalty kick was taken by Irfan Bachdim and led to a goal for Super Elja. The score changed to 1-0 for PSS in the 47th minute.

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Two minutes later, PSS came close to scoring the second goal, but were eventually canceled as Mario Maslac’s header went over the net.

In the 55th minute, Persebaya surprised PSS with a shot by Marselino Ferdinand that led to the goal.

Fortunately, the round skin only hit the crossbar after being pushed by Ega Rizky.

Persebaya got a golden opportunity to score in the 74th minute through an indirect free kick within the PSS.

However, Rizky Rizky Ridho’s hard shot went wide of the goal.

In the last five minutes, PSS and Persebaya had several opportunities, but neither of them ended in a goal.

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Finally, the score of 1-0 for the perfection of PS Sleman lasted until the end of the match.

With this result, PSS and Persebaya also qualified for the quarterfinals of the 2021 Menpora Cup.

The composition of the players:

PSS (4-3-3): 21-Ega Rizky; 3-Bagus Nirwanto, 5-Asyraq Gufron (15-Fabiano Beltrame 45 + 3 ‘), 51-Mario Maslac, 13-Samsul Arifin; 6-Wahyu Sukarta (2-Aaron Evans 60 ‘), 10-Nicolas Velez, 23-Kim Kurniawan; 41-Irfan Jaya, 32-Arsyad (9-Saddam Emiruddin Gaffar 67 ‘), 17-Irfan Bachdim (27-Irkham Mila 66’)

Coach: Dejan Antonic

Persbaya (4-1-2-3): 21-Ernando Ari; 29-M. Syaifuddin, 24-Arif Satria (14-FR. Sokoy 45 + 2 ‘), 32-Rizky Ridho, 3-Reva Adi Utama; 7-Marcelino Ferdinand; 66-Dickie K., 96-AD. Hidayat (12-Rendi Irwan 71 ‘); 11-M. Supriadi (17-Riky Kambuaya 71 ‘), 15-Rifaldi Bawuo, 8-Octavianus Fernando (57-Akbar Firmansyah 26’)

Coach: Aji Santoso

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