Regent of Indramayu submits resignation The word wants to take care of his sick father


Report by journalists Tribun Jabar, Ahmad Imam Baehaqi

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, INDRAMAYU – News about the withdrawal of Indramayu Regent of Indramayu, Anna Sophana has been publicly debated at this time.

His resignation letter has also been submitted to the Inddrau Regency DPRD.

"Based on the letter we received, the reason for his withdrawal was because he wanted to take care of the family," said Jandam Kagang of Indramayu Regency Tedy R Lantri's Secretariat, when he met on Tuesday (6/11/2018)

She said, in the letter, Anna also expressed her desire to dedicate her service to parents.

The reason is that the biological father number one at Indramayu Regency is now an elderly.

Moreover, according to Tedy, his father's state of health fell, even illness.

The reason, said Tedy, made Anna want to be more intense to pay attention to the father.

"So Mrs. Anna wants to give up because she is worried that this will have an impact on the social service," said Tedi R Lantri.

The Committee on Planning and Consumer Protection had also scheduled a plenary meeting to deliver on Wednesday (11/07/2018) the resignation of Anna Sophana as Indramayu Regent of Indramayu 2016-2021.

Anna served as Indramayu Regent of Indramayu from 2010, replacing her husband, Irianto MS Syafiuddin or Kang Yance.

The one who was paired with Supendi was re-elected to Pilbup Indramayu in 2015.


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