Possibility to add representatives from the men's doubles to the final events of the BWF World Tour


INDOPOS.CO.ID – Indonesia still has the opportunity to add its dealers to the competition in the upcoming BWF world final races in Guangzhou as they are able to complete it to penetrate the semifinals in the remaining four major tournaments. One of them is in Fuzhou China Open, which has begun to circulate today.

Looking at the match for Guangzhou's ranking, the biggest opportunity is in the men's double. These are Hendra Setiawan / Mohammad Ahsan, Berry Angriawan / Hardianto and Fajar Alfian / M. Rian Ardianto. The three red and white pairs are ranked at 10, 11 and 12.

The difference between the three scores is not far from the Japanese double Takeshi Kamura / Keigo Sonoda who pulled 55,480 points. In the calculations, Hendra / Ahsan has the greatest potential to promote the last eight. However, the pair must consistently penetrate the semi-finals of the Fuzhou China Open and the Hong Kong Open.

However, the Hendra / Ahsan steps were not easy. They have the opportunity to meet the 3-digit Japanese Kamura / Sonoda in the 16 round if they can overcome their respective opponents in the first round. Based on the previous notes of the meeting, the two couples shared a 1-1 victory. Although in the Malaysian Open last June, the Khadra / Ahshan had to lose 14-21, 16-21.

"They are definitely strong and resilient, they have to be ready to get tired, try the best and enjoy," said Ahsan on Tuesday (5/11). If Hendra / Ahsan stops in the second round, he will only bring 4,320 points. In practice, it will be even harder to crawl at the top eight.

Similarly, Berry / Hardianto. Playing at the Haixia Olympic Sports Center, they will collide with the Malaysian duo Goh V Shem / Tan Wee Kiong. In the game, the two are balanced and will make the game tight.

Berry / Hardianto once overturned Goh / Tan in 2017 Singapore Open two consecutive sets 21-15, 21-15. However, the double neighbor was able to avenge his defeat at the Asian Championship in April, with a score of 21-16, 21-18. Not only that, Goh / Tan is more favored by the adventure at the 13th anniversary of the world. Meanwhile, Berry / Hardianto is in position 18.

The absence in two European Touring tournaments is certainly damaging for the Indonesian young doubles who are on the Fajar / Rian sheets. In addition, the two tournaments were level BWF World Tour 750. Now they have only three races ahead of the year's tournament. That is, Fuzhou China Open, the Hongkong Open and the Badminton International Syed Modi Championship.

Fajar / Rian now collects 49,170 points. Link to 6.310 points from Kamura / Sonoda. In Fuzhou China open, predicted that they will be able to penetrate into the quarter-finals. Because in order to get into the semi-finals, number 8 in the world has the potential to face Zhang Nan / Liu Cheng. "We hope to show up at the BWF World Tour is there. The important thing is that Fajar / Rian must be consistent in the rest of the tournament," said male head coach Herry Iman Pierngadi.

Meanwhile, in the field of men singles, Jonatan Christie is expected to be able to maintain consistency in order to be able to appear in the final rounds of the BWF World Tour. Jojo – with whom he knows – will face Indian player Prannoy H. S tomorrow.

However, this plan is less profitable. Jojo will face another Indonesian male singer, Anthony Sinisuka Ginting. "The chance to win is there, everyone who wins is himself, the most important thing must be consistent and he must be ready when he is on the field," explained Hendri Saputra, coach of singles singles. (bam / han)

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