Saturday , May 15 2021

Maia Estianty officially married Irwan Mussry, Ahmad Dani carries the phrase "He Can Enjoy Life"

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The figure of the musician Ahmad Dani raised a penalty of life after his ex-husband, Maia Estadio, officially married Irwan Mussry.

Maia Estianty was known to have married in Japan on October 29, 2018.

Maia Estianty's second marriage seemed so full.

Only a close family is mentioned and of course the children of Mais who were present at the wedding.

After being officially married, only Maia and Irwan uploaded the photos together in their Instagram accounts.

The couple made a marriage contract at Tokyo Mosque Camii Mosque & Turkish Culture Center near Yoyogi Uehara Station in Tokyo at 10:30 local time on Monday (10/29/2018).

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The marriage was attended only by the family and the closest to them.

As for the marriage that took place in Japan, Maia Estianty's third son also revealed the reason behind the decision

According to Dul, Maia Estianty and her husband want to be far from media coverage in Indonesia.

"You want to be happy, you have not leaked to the public," Dul said, as reported.

Read the record: Maia Estianty officially married Irwan Mussry, Ahmad Dani uploads the phrase "Can Enjoy Life"

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