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Is it safe to swim in public pools during the Covid-19 pandemic? Here’s the explanation according to experts – all pages

Illustration of swimming in a public place.

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Illustration of swimming in a public place. – Swimming is a sport that is popular with many people.

Swimming can make people healthy and happy.

However, since the Covid-19 pandemic, many public swimming pools have to be closed to prevent transmission.

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However, now most of the amusement parks and public swimming pools have reopened.

However, there are still many people who are afraid of getting infected when swimming in public pools.

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So is it true that swimming in public pools can transmit the Covid-19 virus? This is the explanation according to the expert started by

One of the experts named dr. Andhika Raspati SpKO on her Instagram account @ dhika, dr revealed, there is no scientific evidence that the Corona virus can be transmitted through water.

In addition, pool water contains chlorine which is said to kill viruses.

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Thus, the coronavirus will not be able to remain in the water.

Although the water in the pool has no possibility of transmitting the Corona virus, Dr. Dhika said, the possibility of transmission could come from crowds in the pool.

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“The problem is that you can not keep your distance when you are in the pool. If you are close to someone, then someone coughs or sneezes you can catch it. Especially when you swim, we are not always in the water,” he said in the video he uploaded to his Instagram account.

So if you want to keep swimming in public pools even though the Covid-19 pandemic is not over, moms, dads and Little One have to obey the 3M (use masks, stay away from crowds and crowds and wash their hands) .

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Mothers can still use a mask when they are out of the pool.

This was done to prevent the transmission of the coronavirus.

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So let’s follow the health protocols and #RememberPesanI Mother to wash your hands often, use masks and keep your distance, so that your family can avoid the coronavirus.

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