Friday , October 22 2021

In the afternoon, Ustaz Abdul Somad was taught in Sawang Village, North Aceh Regency


Report by Jafaruddin I Aceh Utara

SERAMBINEWS.COM, LHOKSUKON – Ustaz Ustad Abdul Somad returned to North Aceh to complete a lecture scheduled at Lhoksukon on Sunday afternoon (11/112018).

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UAS arrived at North Aceh Malikussaleh Airport at around 15.00 WIB using a Garuda plane from Medan. The UAS on Friday night (11/10/2018) fills a lecture at Sawang Village, North Aceh Regency. Then, Ustad Abdul Somad left for Jakarta for a lecture at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC).

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"But after teaching in Jakarta, UAS will return to North Aceh because there is a timetable for the lecture at Lhoksukon Field, North Aceh on Sunday (11/11/2018) from 16:30 to 18:00 WIB" ,, chairman of East Aceh (IKAT), Tgk H Muhammad Fadhil Rahmi Lc.

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Now said Tgk Muhammad Fadhil, the National Exam Unit along with the team headed for Lhoksukon.

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"Later in Lhoksukon UAS will take a short break in a house near the event, then complete the lecture after Asar's prayer." The situation is very tiring, because from yesterday night we only stayed in the car as we traveled from the North Aceh in Medan, "he said.

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