Tuesday , October 27 2020

Human context found in Bulog warehouse, allegedly the victim of the Aceh conflict

TAPAKTUAN, KOMPAS.com – Human skeletons in the warehouse yard owned by Bulog in Ujung Padang Village Asahan, South Asia Regency, Aceh.

"This human skeleton that has been discovered is believed to have been the victim of the Aceh conflict a few years ago," Asheh police chief on AKBP Dedy Sadsono in South Aceh said on Sunday (16/16/2019).

The framework was identified by a resident named Darmi (45), who is also a local employee of Bulog on Saturday (15/6/2019) around 6:00 pm. At that time it was cleaned in the yard of the local Bulog warehouse.

When moving the former chicken coop, the witness accidentally dug the ground at a depth of 50 centimeters.

Undoubtedly, Bulog's employee found a white cloth from the ground and pulled the cloth immediately.

"When the fabric was pulled, the witness saw a human skull," he said.

Darmi then reported the findings of the human skeleton to the head of the warehouse and the surrounding community. After the excavation, the inhabitants found a skeleton that suspected it was a powerful human skeleton.

Police officers from Pasie Raja's police headquarters and South Aceh police station identification officers rushed to find information on the location of the findings in Pasie Raja.

The unknown skeleton was then transferred to the Ladang Tuha Health Center, South Aceh Region to be further addressed.

Because the facilities and cleaning staff were unavailable, the skeleton was transferred to Dr Yulidin Away Tapaktuan Hospital for cleaning.

"At the moment, the box is still stored in the Yulidin Away Hospital Storage Room in Tapaktuan," said Dedy.

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