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Exclusive Tests Tempo Pindad Artificial Komodo Racing Vehicles

TEMPO.CO, BandungTempo took an exclusive opportunity to test the Komodo collision vehicles directly at PT Pindad Indonesia, Bandung on Monday, May 20, 2019. This time the test disk was very different because the Tempo test was a military vehicle named Komodo and not a passenger car .

This Komodo is commonly used as an identification vehicle and is very suitable for use on hard ground, it is also a reliable business vehicle for TNI and POLRI.

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The first impression came in the Komodo 4×4 APC type cabin, such as driving a large truck because of the large 40 cm terrain plus seat position is quite high. So he must be ready to go further.

After sitting on the wheel, we tried to adjust step to clutch pedals, brake and gas. The operation is the same as a passenger car with a manual gearbox. Just when you want to enter the 1st gear, the displacement is so difficult, so much when you go to speed 2 and so on.

Komodo Combat Vehicles in PT Pindad Indonesia, Bandung, 20 May 2019. TEMPO / Wisnu Andebar

But, in our view, it is just a matter of adjustment, the evidence is that PT Pindad Indonesia officers are easily moving speeds.

He successfully entered the first gear, slowly released the clutch while it was up to the gas, the torque was very kicking, of course, this car uses a diesel engine from Renault that is powered by 220 hp.

At the steering wheel, the steering wheel feels very light because it definitely has the steering wheel. This armored vehicle is a tactical vehicle with good maneuvering.

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As the name suggests, Komodo, this 4×4 tactical vehicle can be like a powerful Komodo dragon, so it becomes a high-level war vehicle to guard the NKRI. When tested in the field of tests in the form of deep deep sludge, the Komodo left it loose.

Not only good on muddy soil, the Komodo is also sophisticated, with 60 degrees tilt, and Komodo's weight of up to 7.5 tons is not an obstacle. The dimensions of this vehicle are 5.4 m long, 2.3 m wide, 2.2 m high.

The capacity of the tank can accommodate up to 200 liters of fuel with a 450 km range. The Komodo collision vehicle is capable of accelerating up to a top speed of 100 kilometers per hour.

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